Chapter 1: Get your dance on

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It was snowing crazily. Brooke changed

She flipped her hair and carried her bags into the hotel. She had to dance in 3 hours. Everybody got ready. Brooke put on her dance costume. It was beautiful and purple. She put on her shoes and walked down the hallway to the dance hall. Her dance was called "Beauty Queen" which was Lyrical Acrobatic.

Chloe hugged her good luck. Chloe had a Lyrical Jazz called "I try". It was right after Brooke's and then they had a group hip-hop number. 

Brooke took a deep breath. She walked out onto the stage. She got into position. She danced very well and then Chloe did also. They were flawlessly perfect. 

The group dance came next. It was hip-hop called "Rebel". The outfits were gorgeous.

They danced and got back on the bus. They went to a hotel. They all won 1st place.

They took showers then, the girls changed into their pajamas and laid in the hotel room.

Abby, Holly, Christi, Kathy and Kelli went out to dinner.

Baby Clara (Chloe's baby sis) sat on Paige's pillow pet. 

There were 2 beds in the room. The left bed had Nia , Vivi and Paige. On the right bed next to the window Chloe,Clara and Brooke were in the bed. They ordered room service (french fries and burgers). They locked the door and went to bed.