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Professor Snape had to admit that he felt quite smug about Miss Granger's announcement in his classroom, but he was also slightly embarrassed. Many students couldn't help but eyeball him when he passed and he knew exactly what direction they were looking in.

Severus sighed heavily as he made his way to the Great Hall for dinner, wishing the night would just end. He wanted to retire to his rooms and get completely smashed. He sat down in his seat and then noticed the way the other staff members were looking at him.

"Is there a problem?" he sneered. Half of them looked away in discomfort, but Albus stared right at him with this stupid grin on his face.

I really hate that smile…

"Severus, my boy, how are you?" he asked.

"I'm just peachy," came the sarcastic reply.

"That's nice," Albus replied merrily.

Oh yes, it's fucking great…

"So Severus, you do know there are quite a bit of rumors going around about you, don't you?" he asked, his eyes sparkling to point of causing Severus retina damage.

"I have heard a few. What the hell is your point?" he snapped and sipped his brandy.

"Well, it seems that your family jewels are the hot topic of the school," he said in amusement.

"So I've heard. I cannot control rumors," Severus said dismissively.

"Is it true then?" Madam Hooch blurted. Severus looked at her in confusion.

"Is what true?"

"According to…certain…students, you're like a hippogriff," she replied without shame. Remus coughed into his brandy. Severus blinked a few times before scowling.

"I am not going to compare myself to anything nor am I going to tell you how big I am. It is none of anyone's business and before you ask, I will not show you either," he snapped, feeling his cheeks burn slightly.

"Well, if it was the lovely Miss Granger, I'm sure you would," she remarked.

"What? I would not!" he gasped, even though he knew he was lying. Minerva glared daggers at him.

"Are you going after my student?" she hissed.

"Minerva, I am not going after anyone, let alone one of your precious cubs," he sneered and looked away from them as the students began to file into the Great Hall.

"Minerva, technically there isn't anything we could say. Miss Granger is after all above the legal age and a seventh year. If she was a sixth year, that would be different," Albus pointed out and gave Snape a sly smile.

"I don't give a damn if the rules permit such a thing! I don't care if Hermione is forty! Severus is not a good match for her," she said crisply. Severus glared evilly at the woman.

Meddling old hag!

"I actually think they would be a perfect match," Albus said.

You're not much better, but thanks anyway.

"Actually, I agree. There is not one student that is compatible with Hermione," Remus cut in hoarsely, his throat still sore from coughing.

Great…I even have the support of the werewolf. I might actually have to be nice to him now.

"I don't agree to it," Minerva snapped.

"That decision is Hermione's," Albus pointed out.

"And mine," Severus growled. All the Professors looked at him. "Have you forgotten that I would have to consent to it as well? What makes you think I would want to have a relationship with that annoying little twit?"

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