Despite Hermione's slightly depressed mood, she couldn't help but be amused. It was actually pretty funny to see an adult Professor Snape running from Professor McGonagall as she tried to hex him.


The students laughed when they heard their Transfiguration teacher yelling back at the most feared Professor in the school. They heard the pounding of running feet heading down the corridor and looked out the open doors to the Great Hall just in time see a blur of black ran by, followed by a blur of green.

"ALBUS! CALL HER OFF!" Professor Snape's voice echoed back into the Great Hall, causing the laughter to start again.


Severus rounded the corner and ran as fast as he could to his dungeons. He glanced behind him to see that she was only about ten feet away.

What the fuck? How the hell is someone her age able to keep up with me?

"Alright, I'm sorry, Minerva!" he yelled, stopping and turning to face her. She held her wand ready, but Severus held up his hands to her. "I think that is enough play time for us! I apologize for everything!" Minerva eyed him warily, lowering her wand a fraction.

"I don't think you're truly sorry," she said crisply.

Of course not, but as long as you stop fucking chasing me, I'll say what you want to hear.

"I am sorry. Right now, my out of shape lungs are sorry as well," he breathed, bending forward and resting his hands on his knees. Minerva pursed her lips and stowed her wand.

"You better remember who you're messing with next time, Severus. I will hex you," she warned and stalked off.

I spied on the Dark Lord for shit sake! You're hexes are nothing!

Severus, however, kept his thoughts to himself. He really was in no condition to be running around the castle. Now that he was no longer a spy he didn't get out as much. After catching his breath, he finally made his way back to his classroom, mumbling to himself about how he didn't get to finish his coffee.

Sitting behind his desk, he summoned a house-elf and had a fresh cup brought to him. He propped his feet up on the desk and smirked at the newly set picture frames that rested in one corner. Hermione Granger's half nude photos occupied them.

Wait until she notices these…

Severus relaxed with his cup of coffee and looked around his room. It was nice sitting down behind the desk again. He missed that sense of control that he was so used to. His eyes wandered back to the photos of Miss Granger and he swallowed hard. Severus remembered the sight of her naked body from when he had been in toddler form.

I can't believe I'm lusting after a student!

It was about thirty minutes later that he heard students outside his door. He smirked and stood, disillusioning himself as he did. He strode up to the door and opened it, but stood where students weren't likely to run into him. He smirked as he watched the confused faces look around the room and stare at the door curiously.

"Where's Professor Snape?" Seamus asked.

"I dunno," Neville said fearfully.

"Maybe he's still hiding from Professor McGonagall," Ron laughed as they made their way to their seats.

Hermione rolled her eyes and pulled out her books, parchments, and a quill. She set them neatly on her desk and waited patiently. She had no idea that Professor Snape had carefully made his way around the classroom and was now standing in front of the Gryffindors.

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