Snape's Return

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When the students realized that Professor Snape was back to normal there was a distinct disappointment among the students. Many of them had come to like the toddler Snape, especially after the events between him and Professor McGonagall. Now the students were preparing for another week of classes before the Christmas holidays. They were not looking forward to Snape's class.

Several students had already met his wrath with deducted points and detentions for ridiculous reasons. However, Pansy Parkinson and most of the Slytherins received detention for everyday that week for keeping Draco's plan a secret from him which led to Miss Granger being hospitalized. He was also planning on giving Mr. Weasley, as well as several other students detention for what they had said while he was a toddler. Ronald Weasley, of course, was getting punishment for more than just words.

Professor Snape entered the Great Hall and took his place at the High Table, glad that he could finally where he belonged instead of with the Gryffindors and on a high chair at that. He didn't realize how awkward he would feel once his natural height returned to him.

As soon as Professor Snape was seated, he scowled at the students who were staring at him, which was practically the entire Hall. They immediately looked away and Severus began to sip his strong black coffee. He looked around the Hall, his eyes landing on the resident know-it-all Gryffindor. He noticed that she didn't seem as cheerful this morning as she normally did. He also noticed that she would glance at the spot next to her. The spot he had sat in while in the form of a toddler. When she glanced up at the table, their eyes locked and her face went a nice shade of red. He inwardly smirked, knowing that she would not soon forget the kiss they shared.

The time for his plan was starting now. He gave her a cold glare and looked away from him, pretending not to the notice the look of hurt and uncertainty on her face. He looked at her through his peripheral vision as she went back to picking at her breakfast. What did catch his full attention, however, was Minerva McGonagall who was looking dead at him with a glare.


"You know 'what', young man! Don't think I have forgotten what you said. You're not a toddler anymore, Severus, and I am free to beat the hell out of you," she growled. Severus quirked a brow.

"Really? Tell me, what makes you think that I would allow you to do such a thing?" he drawled, noticing that Albus was behind Minerva, covering his mouth to stifle his laughter. Remus and Poppy could be seen on the other end of the table doing the same.

"I will get you, Severus! I can't believe you disrespected me in front of my students. You certainly need to learn to respect your elders," she snapped. Several students couldn't help but look up and listen to them.

"You have the elder part dead on," he grumbled, sipping his coffee.

"I heard that!" she growled. "I'm going to hex you into next week!"

"Minerva, perhaps you should relax. I wouldn't want your back to go out of have you coughing hairballs from over-exertion," Severus said in a bored tone.

"That's it!" Minerva snapped and got up.

Severus wasted no time. He bolted from his chair and ran out the door behind the High Table. He could hear Minerva's shoes echoing off the walls as she chased after him, cursing and yelling. He could also hear the entire Hall erupt into laughter.

"ALBUS! STOP THIS CRAZY WOMAN!" he yelled as he avoided her hexes.

Albus heard Severus through the halls and was laughing so hard, he was in tears. He hated to admit it, but he loved watching Minerva when she was riled up. It was nice that her anger was directed at Severus this time rather than him.

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