Son of the Devil

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Snape seemed like his old obnoxious, snarky self after he had found out that Hermione was going to be alright. After a few days of being in the care of the Gryffindors he had returned to full Snape glory. Harry was beginning to get very agitated with the sarcastic comments and rude remarks that little Snape made every once in a while.

"Just because Hermione gave us a list of what not to do with you, doesn't mean you can get away with everything," Harry told him.

"What are you going to do, Mr. Potter?" he asked smugly.

"Don't push it," he warned.

"Come on Wonder Boy! Take your best shot!" Snape taunted. Harry narrowed his eyes and hexed his clothes off. Snape looked down at himself and then looked at Potter with wide eyes and an 'O' forming his lips.

The students in the common room burst out laughing. Ron fell out of his chair and was practically rolling on the ground. Snape had endured so many embarrassing moments lately that he just shook his head and eyed Potter.

"Do you boys want to see me naked or something?" he asked.

"No, it's just hilarious to see our evil Potions Master with those tiny bits," Ron laughed. This time Snape narrowed his eyes.

"You don't honestly think I am this small as an adult do you?" he asked in disbelief. Ron laughed even harder. Harry couldn't help but join in.

"Come on, Snape! You have huge feet, hands, and a hell of a nose. I think those parts took away from the rest of you. I mean, that's small," Ron said, pointing to Snape's bits. Severus pursed his lips and nodded.

"Weasley, I am three fucking years old right now. Of course I am small. Just wait, you insolent boy," Snape said snidely.

I'll show you a real cock you little brat! You'll be cursing your parents for those small gifts!

Severus went over to his little box of clothes and dressed himself while ignoring the laughter of the students. He was three. Being naked in front of them wasn't so bad right now only because he didn't have much to show them anyway. He dressed himself and looked back at Ron Weasley who was still laughing about how small Snape's bits were.

That's it!

Snape took a calming deep breath before his face turned to one of rage as he charged toward the red-head. Weasley hadn't seen it coming and ended up getting sent to the floor. Severus jumped head first toward him.

Everyone turned when they heard a high-pitched scream echo through the common room. Their first thought was that it had been Ginny, but then they saw Ron on the floor being tackled by little Snape.

"Wow! I had no idea a man could scream like that," Harry said through his hysterical laughter.

Snape had Ron by the hair and was being flung around like a doll as Ron tried to get him off. Harry laughed so hard his sides were beginning to cramp. He remembered a muggle movie called 'Child's Play' and instantly related it to what he was seeing now. It was down right hilarious. Ginny was on the other side of the room, snapping pictures. Her face was bright red and her eyes filled with mirth as she watched her brother throw himself into the sofa, trying to dislodge Snape who was kicking furiously while holding onto Ron's hair and head.

Little Seamus laughed so hard he accidentally let out an echoing fart causing even more hysterics in the common room. Neville was hiding behind a chair but laughing all the same. He watched the scene and knew that he didn't want to get any further on Snape's bad side. Especially little Snape. At least with the adult Snape, he restrained himself from using physical discipline.

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