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Hermione could honestly say that she had never been so humiliated in her entire life until Snape had been turned into a toddler and left in her care. Not only had he seen her naked twice and grabbed her breasts, but he crapped his pants deliberately in front of Professor McGonagall. She certainly didn't change him manually when she had taken him to the bathroom. She cast several cleansing spells and had transfigured one of her quills into a new pair of trousers. She didn't even want him to wear the same ones after that. What irritated her most was the fact that he laughed the entire time, hysterically.

She was lucky enough to get through the rest of her classes without him repeating incident, but she felt slightly comforted that the other three toddlers weren't that easy to deal with as well. She had watched Pansy throw a tantrum and launch bottles of ink from the Slytherin side of the classroom at anyone she pleased. Then she had watched Seamus pull Ron's pants down to his ankles, exposing a very pale and slightly freckled rear-end, of course causing Ron's face to turn scarlet when everyone burst out laughing. Hermione had also seen, to her surprise, Neville running around on the desks of female Gryffindor students and grabbing as many breasts as he could. It shocked her really. She figured that being a toddler finally gave Neville the excuse to go breast grabbing since he didn't get much action when he was his normal self. He did, however, stay away from her since she was with Snape.

Classes had been hell and she was ready to be done. It was Friday and she was looking forward to the weekend so she didn't have to carry Snape with her all day. She also noticed that Draco and his two friends had missed classes all day. She had been very careful to ward her room properly and she hadn't been alerted to anyone breaking in. She assumed that Professor Dumbledore probably caught them and they were in detention. Finally, classes were over and she packed her bag quickly so they could leave.

Thank Merlin! If I had to attend one more fucking class with these idiots I would shit myself just so we could leave again! I hate this! Hate it! Hate it! Hate it!

Hermione picked him up and left the classroom without another word. She didn't feel like talking to anyone right now. She just wanted the day to be over. She quickly made her way to the library and returned the books that were due and checked out a couple more.

"I can walk," Snape in irritation at having to be carried everywhere.

"There are too many students out right now and I don't need to lose track of you in the crowd or have someone kicking you around," she replied crisply.

"I can take care of myself," he snarled childishly.

"Of course you can," she said sarcastically.

Impudent little shit…

"I am so irritated right now!" she growled as she finally entered her room and set her bag down.

I can tell…

Hermione set him down and went to her room to change. She didn't see Severus slip past her to go the bathroom. She was frustrated, embarrassed and stressed. When she finally got into her muggle jeans and t-shirt, she went back into the sitting room to find the boy gone.

"SNAPE!" she roared.

"WHAT? CAN'T I PISS WITHOUT YOU NAGGING ME?" he screamed from the bathroom. When he screamed like that he really did have a high pitch voice that made Hermione want to laugh.

"Whatever!" she yelled back. She could hear him mumbling something from inside the bathroom, but couldn't hear what he said. When he emerged, the toddler walked over to Hermione and held out a small cylinder object for her.

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