Toddlers and Class

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"I hate you," he said flatly after a moment of shocked silence. She opened her mouth to say something, but shut it immediately. It took a few second before she said anything.

"Fine, then hate me, but Dumbledore put me in charge of you until you are back to normal so you are just going to have to get used to it," she said softly and went to the table, stuffing books and parchments in her bag.

"You can tell me you hate me too," he mumbled, trying to hide the guilt he was feeling because the hurt had been evident in her voice.

"This may come as a shock to you, but I don't hate you. I never have. I told you once that I do not think ill of you and that includes hating you," she replied without looking at him.

"Whatever!" he mumbled.

"Don't you 'whatever' me, young man! You're a royal pain in my ass!" she growled.

Pain in your ass, huh? Let's see how Gryffindor you are now…

Severus sat on the couch and gave her a sad and sorrowful look. His dark eyes widened and he forced his lower lip to tremble as tears came to his eyes. He almost lost his act, wanting to laugh hysterically when he saw the stricken expression on Miss Granger face. He felt a world of triumph when he felt tears stream down his face and he let out a childish cry.

How do you like that, Miss Granger?

"Oh no, don't cry! I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" she said quickly, coming over and smoothing out his hair. Inwardly, Severus was laughing madly. "It's ok, it's ok." Hermione wrapped her arms around him and held him to her breast, feeling guilt take over. She didn't see Severus's even little smile even as he sniffled and looked down at her breasts.

Oh yeah…

Hermione carried Snape in her arms toward the Great Hall while carrying her book bag over her other shoulder. She was glad to finally sit down when she saw Harry and Ron come in looking disgruntled and holding Neville and Seamus. She looked at the Slytherin table to see little Pansy running across the table with Millicent chasing her angrily. The sight made her snort and she glanced to see a little smirk on Snape's face.

Better her taking care of the brat than me…

"Hermione, I swear to Merlin I hope this potion wears off soon. Seamus is worse as a child than he is as a teenager! He's been driving me insane!" Harry exclaimed, plopping unceremoniously down next to her. He looked up and raised a brow when he noticed Snape peaking around Hermione to glare at him.

"I know how you feel," she said tiredly.

"So how's the spawn of Satan?" Harry asked, looking at Snape with a glare of his own.

Funny, Potter. Funny how I think the same of you…

"He's fine and don't call him that," Hermione said, fixing a plate of eggs and bacon for Snape. He greedily began to ate, ignoring the stares from the other students.

"I'm sorry for this, Professor Snape," a little voice said shakily and Snape looked up to see Neville Longbottom sitting across from him. The boy looked scared out of his mind. Mr. and Miss Weasley were sitting on either side of him and looking at Snape curiously. The rest of the table were also casting glances at the two toddlers. Snape narrowed his eyes and gave Longbottom the coldest look her could muster up. He didn't even need to say anything. His livid expressions spoke volumes and the deafening silence was quickly filled with the sound of spilling water. Neville began to cry.

"HE PEED!" Miss Weasley exclaimed, jumping out of her seat. The rest of the students burst into fits of laughter and Snape held a smug expression on his face.

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