Toddlers and Class

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Toddlers and Class

Getting toddler Snape to sleep in a crib was a disaster so Hermione had to make a small bed instead. On top of that, he had acted up whenever she picked him up or touched him in any way, further adding to her frustration. Now that he had finally started using his vocal chords properly, he was able to express how he felt and he made sure he expressed ever bit of it. Hermione didn't know a thing about children of any of age so this was all completely new and not pleasant. She would have thought that Professor Snape would have at least acted a little more mature despite his predicament, but she was obviously wrong. He was acting every bit like the petulant child that he was.

Now it was six in the morning and Hermione was forced to get out of bed because Snape was complaining. It was obvious that he was used to waking early in the morning even more so than her. She usually didn't get out of bed until around seven. Grumpily, she got up and went to the bathroom, ignoring Snape the entire time.

"Hurry up! I'm hungry!" he snapped in a very childish tone. She ignored him.

Hermione turned the shower on, making sure the water was cold to help her wake up, and stepped it. As soon as the icy water touched her skin, she felt awake and irritated. She glared at the tiled wall as she soaped herself, thinking of how much she wanted Snape to be normal again so she wouldn't have to worry about taking care of a child anymore.

What the hell is taking that girl so long?

Severus looked through the clothes that Miss Granger had transformed for him and sneered. He was sure he looked ridiculous sneering now that it was on the face of a child, but he didn't care. He found the dark green outfit she had made and changed his own clothes, fumbling with the buttons. He couldn't believe that he had no black to wear, couldn't use his wand, couldn't fend for himself, and he couldn't tower over anyone because he was only about three feet tall. It was infuriating.

"Granger! Hurry up! I'm hungry!" he yelled, wincing at the way he sounded. There was no reply so obviously she was ignoring him. 'Ignoring me are you? Let's see about that…'

Severus reached up and turned the knob to the bathroom door, heard it click, and then pushed it open. Hermione was just stepping out of the shower and stared at him in anger and embarrassment.

Holy mother of Merlin! I am starting to enjoy this little adventure…


Maybe not…

Severus didn't wait to hear what she had to say. He took off running out the door and to her sitting room where he jumped on the couch and sat down, waiting in silence. The image of her nude body floated through his mind. It was certainly nice seeing her dripping wet. He turned and felt his eyes widen when he saw her storming into the room, fully dressed and extremely pissed.

"SEVERUS SNAPE!" she snapped.

I didn't give her permission to use my-

"How dare you come into the bathroom while I am showering! What the hell is wrong with you?"

I'm in the body of a child for starters…

"You have given me nothing but grief! I haven't even had you for twenty-four hours and you are driving me insane!" she ranted.

'How do you think I feel?' "I'm tired of you," he growled.

"YOU'RE TIRED OF ME?" she screamed causing Severus to involuntarily shrink back.

"I don't like this either! I can't even wipe my own ass!" he yelled back at her, standing on the couch so he was level to her face.

"Do you think I enjoy doing it for you? The least you can do is try to make this easier for the both of us. That means BEHAVING!" she yelled the last part in his face.

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