First Day of Hell

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Now he started to scream angrily, causing Hermione to want to rip her hair out. She threw up her hands and paced the room in frustration. She could only imagine what Professor Snape was thinking right now.


"What about pasta? Do you like spaghetti?" she asked shakily. At this, the tantrum stopped immediately.

Spaghetti sounds pretty good, actually. Finally, the chit comes up with something acceptable.

Hermione could tell that she hit the mark and summoned the house-elf again. Almost immediately, there was a plate of spaghetti in front of him. Clumsily, he picked up his fork and began trying to eat, but his hands wouldn't obey what his brain was saying. He was beginning to get frustrated really quickly. He was oblivious to what was going on around him and hadn't noticed that Mr. Potter had entered the room through the fireplace, looking exhausted.

Harry smiled at Hermione who gave him a warning look as she ate her own pasta, but otherwise didn't say anything as he pulled out his muggle camera. When she noticed the camera, an evil smirk graced her lips as he snuck around the high chair. They watched Snape in silence since he seemed to be preoccupied with trying to feed himself.

Damn it all to hell!

Severus couldn't take it anymore. He couldn't really use his hands to eat so he did what any other frustrated toddler would do. He slammed his face into the plate of pasta, getting a mouthful and chewing happily.

I can't believe I have resorted to eating like a dog.

His face was covered with spaghetti sauce and his mouth was full of noodles when he finally noticed Potter with the camera. His eyes went wide with shock.


There was a bright flash of light and Potter was laughing his head along side Granger.

You did it! I hate you all! Damn Mr. Longbottom for this!

Severus glared at the two Gryffindors who were laughing hysterically now as he sat there, not only in the body of a child, but also in a high chair with spaghetti all over his face. He was pissed. He watched the two of them finally stop laughing and Potter sit in a chair next to Granger.

"Has he said anything yet?" Harry asked. Hermione frowned at him.

"No, why?"

"Well, Neville talks. I mean, he sounds like a little kid, but he does speak somewhat. He said in his own way that Professor Snape is going to be pissed when he gets back to normal.

Ooooh, you have no idea, Potter!

"Does Seamus talk?" Hermione asked, her attention firmly on Harry.

"No, not really. I wonder if they have to work at it to do it."

"You might have a point! If Neville said that Professor Snape is going to be angry with him-"

Beyond angry…

"-then he obviously has adult thought processing."

Don't give the boy that much credit…

"Yeah, so maybe in a little while, Snape will start talking," Harry said looking over at the very angry three-year old.

"It's Professor Snape and yes, maybe you are right. So when Neville speaks, he doesn't speak like us?"

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