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Hermione stared down at Professor Snape who was standing in a pile of his black robes, staring at Neville angrily. Neville, who was naked, took one look at the scowl on toddler Snape and ran across the potions room. Hermione couldn't believe that her secret crush was now a toddler. It took a moment for the shock to subside and then the class had burst out laughing. Severus Snape was not only a toddler, but a very naked toddler. Hermione was the first to act as she quickly picked up his cloak and wrapped it around him, earning a glare, but on the face of a three-year old, it was much less threatening.

When I get back to normal, I am going to kill Longbottom! Oh Gods, I can't believe I am naked!

Severus was mortified and froze as Miss Granger wrapped his cloak around his body and picked him up. He stared at her in disbelief, but even as he began to form coherent thought, his mouth couldn't pronounce the words he wanted to say.

"He's actually cute now!" Lavender cried out trying to pinch his cheeks. The toddler swatted her hand away angrily.

You better not touch me you wench! Granger, you better put me down!

"Neville's cowering in the back of the classroom. Ron, I think you should take Seamus and I'll get Neville," Harry said, picking up Neville's cloak and going after him.

"How do we know it won't wear off?" Ron asked, as he grabbed a fretful Seamus and wrapped a cloak around him too.

"Because the aging potion is designed to last for a few days to a few weeks depending on the potency and how it is made, but Neville obviously added the wrong ingredient so this could last anywhere from a few minutes to weeks if not more," Hermione said worriedly.

Know-it-all… Alright! Put me the hell down!

Hermione felt him start to kick his way out of her grasp, but she wouldn't let him go. Quickly, she waved her wand and cleaned up her station before heading out to see Professor Dumbledore while the class laughed. Harry and Ron followed with their toddlers as well as a very disgruntled Draco Malfoy with Pansy in tow.

These impertinent children are going to regret laughing at me when I get back to normal.

Severus stared at Miss Granger with narrowed eyes as she made her way to the Headmaster's office. He was secretly grateful that she had quickly covered his nudity before the students had the chance to get a real good look at him. As soon as they entered the office, Severus turned his glare to the Headmaster whose eyes were nearly twinkling out of his head.

"Miss Granger, what a pleasant surprise! Oh I see there are more of you that came. Who have you brought with you?" he asked with a bright smile.

Old fool knows who the hell I am!

"Um…sir, this is…Professor Snape. Neville's cauldron exploded and covered him with the potion. He must have added the wrong ingredient because the potion we were brewing was supposed to make you older not younger. Also, Harry has Neville, Ron has Seamus, and Draco has Pansy," she told him and brought the toddler, Snape, over to him.

"Why Severus, you are such a cute child even with that familiar scowl on your face," Albus crooned, pinching his cheek gently.

You're going to die…

When Severus heard snickering, he turned and scowled at Potter and Weasley who only laughed harder. Unfortunately for Severus, he did look rather cute as a toddler with a scowl on his face.

"Sir, what are we going to do? I don't know what Neville added to the potion so I have no idea what the antidote would be," Hermione said, shifting Severus over to her other side and ignoring the glare he was giving everyone in the room.

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