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"Tikki!" Marinette cried. "It hurts so much!" She held her chest and cried. Tikki hovered above the weeping girl and looked down on her pitifully.

"Marinette." Tikki whispered as Marinette got up and walked to the bathroom. The sobs weren't that loud till there was a relaxing sigh than silence. Tikki relaxed, knowing that everything had died down but she didn't really know what was happening in there.

Chat fell in through the trapdoor. "Where's Marinette, Tikki?" He asked the little Kwami that flew to him.

"Adrien," she whispered. "She's in the bathroom. She's been crying her eyes out for the whole day and now everything's quiet since she went in there." Tikki said.

Chat's emerald, green eyes widened in fear. He knew exactly what she has done. "Marinette!" He shouted and ran to the bathroom door. He tried the knob but it was locked. He continuously banged on the door and twisted the knob, hoping she would open it.

"What's wrong, Chat?" Tikki looked at him confusingly.

"Stand back Tikki!" Chat commanded but Tikki was far enough. He moved back a few paces and ran towards the door, kicking it open with full force.

On the bathroom floor, there laid Marinette. Unconscious and lying in her own blood that was coming from her wrist.

Chat knelt down and put her head on his laps. "Marinette." He picked up her wrist and examined the deep cut. "Bring the first aid kit, Tikki." Tikki nodded and flew of to find it.

"Why would you do this, Princess?" Chat asked, moving her hair, that was damped with blood, of her face. Marinette slightly opened her eyes. "I loved him so much. It hurts." She whispered.

Chat's heart broke into a million pieces while looking at his lady. He had caused her so much pain. He wanted to show her his identity but heaven knows what she'll do! He knew he was being selfish but he couldn't bear seeing her leave him and be with another. He wished he could turn back time and punch himself for being so blind. He should have know that Ladybug and Marinette were technically the same and actually are! WTF?! *^*

"Here!" Tikki exclaimed, snapping Chat out of his thoughts. He picked the kit and started wrapping her wrist when there was a knock on Marinette's hatch. "Hide, Tikki." Chat whispered.

"Marinette?" Tom said, peeping into the dark room. Chat ran to the hatch. "Chat Noir?!" Tom yelled.

"Sir! There's no time to answer questions! Marinette is in need to professional help! Call 911!" Chat instructed. Tom looked at him like he had grown a second head. "What happened to my daughter?"

"In a matter of minutes, you'll find out. Just do what I told you." Chat said and left for the bathroom. Tom ran down the stairs and into the kitchen, grabbing his phone and dialing the number.

"Hello?" A voice from the other line asked.

"Umm.This is Tom Dupain. I'd like to call because-" He was cut off when he saw his daughter in Chat's hands, bleeding from her wrist.

"Please just come here right away! We leave in the Dupain bakery! Please, my daughter needs help!" He yelled and hung up. "SABINE!" He called for his wife and ran towards the superhero who was holding the bluenette in his arms.

"What is it, To- Marinette!" Sabine exclaimed and ran toward her daughter.

The sirens of an ambulance was hear from outside. Chat ran into the back of the van without a word, to worried about the bleeding girl in his arms.

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