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(A sequel to Something Good)

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I woke up with a jerk and a strong hangover, it was followed by the hazy images of the previous night. I am not a party animal usually. Actually I hated clubs, people always say it's a cool place to hangout but once we enter that hell hole, it's just pitch black out there. I can't imagine who enjoys colorful bright lights blinding people's sight. And how can I forget about the worst part, random strangers grinding against girls. It's been five years since I moved to New York City, I still haven't got any decent friends nor an decent apartment and did I mention?  I hated my job. I thought moving to New York will be a good for my career in journalism but even after struggling for five whole years here, I was in the same place. I worked for The New Reads magazine, it was pretty good magazine but I din't get any recognition  there. I was given a small column at first, it was called 'Fun Facts' I know right? Even though I took my job pretty seriously I felt like there was no real scope of any improvement for my column.  Time passed by but my column reminded the same.  The interns who came after me got promoted as much as it was painful for to watch , I couldn't really do anything about that. At first, I wasn't able to understand the real problem but then I found out that my horrible past followed me everywhere. Apparently my boss thought I din't deserve to be promoted because I was hired cause of some recommendation. She thought I was working for her cause I had no other choice which was only half true in real.     

Anyways that's my story far now. As much I was heart broken to move to New York fives years ago, Now I really did have a life here. Even though it was really a crappie one, I had a life in New York working for a shitty magazine which didn't really give me any actually credit for my work. Amidst all that negative thoughts, I still kept holding on because at least I was still earning some money from that job,I had a roof over my head Even though I din't really like my roommate who was high most of the time.   

I confess I had a really messed up life and moving to New York was a mistake!   

Okay let's face it, I would move back home in a heartbeat if I can. I honestly felt like moving to New York was the worst thing happened to me. But I couldn't just move back home just like that,  I mean all these years my parents had supported me and now it was my turn to chase after the dream that they had supported me with. No, I refuse to return home as a loser. I loved writing and I wanted to change lives of people with my writing. I wanted to touch the souls with my writing. I tell you, it's really deep.

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