The fight

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I didn't want to go to school today, but I knew I had to. He'd kill me if I didn't, so I went anyway. Before I left, I checked myself in the mirror again to see if I looked ok. I didn't. My face was all purple and blue. my eyes were almost half way shut and my bottom lip stuck out like I was pouting. And my nose... my nose was so crooked... I had to fix it myself. I know that sounded crazy, which it did, but what else could I have done? I couldn't have left it like that or else it would have gotten worse, which would have been bad. And I couldn't have gone to the hospital because that would have been suicide! So I had to do it myself. I took a deep breath, then... crack! I screamed, but covered mouth so it could be muffled. He was still sleeping. When I was done screaming, I checked my nose in the mirror. It looked a lot better. Even though I was in excruciating pain, I walked it off. I also checked my wrist I hurt yesterday to see if it was ok. That wasn't ok either. My wrist was swollen too and it was blue and black. I sighed. I almost cried too. I had to wrap this up. So I put my hoody on, so that i could cover my face when i got to school and, went down stairs, very quietly, entering the kitchen. I started looking through the drawer for the bandage and finally, I found it. I was about to grab it, when I heard footsteps coming from the stairs. Oh crap. I quickly grabbed the bandage, and ran from the kitchen. I was about to walk out the door, when HE called me. Oh no. "Where do you think YOUR going", he muttered to me. "I.. um.." "DON'T stutter", he cut me off. "I'm.. going to school", I finally said, but he couldn't hear me. "SPEAK UP!" he bellowed. I winced at his out burst. "I'm going to school", I said, a little louder. "Oh really", he said. Then he pointed his finger at me. "Come hear", he said with a flick with if his index finger. I started to walk, slowly taking my time, but he didn't like that. "Hurry..UP!" he muttered through his teeth. I started walking faster, but stopped only half way. "Right... here", he said, pointing at his feet. Then I started walking again and stopped only a quarter away from him, but he didn't say anything. Instead, HE started walking towards ME. I was so nervous, sweat started poring down my face. Then he stopped, just inches away from my face. he was so close, I could smell his foul mouth of liquor and morning breath. I almost gagged. He then looked into my eyes for only a few seconds, which felt like hours, and grabbed a hold of my bruised wrist. I almost screamed in pain, but I held it in and only let a whimper escape my lips. It hurt like crap! Then he leaned in my ear and whispered with a raspy voice, "The next time you bring me back a 97, it won't just be a few kicks to the stomach, do you understand me?" I wanted to protest and yell that it was more than just a few kicks to the stomach, but I held it in. I knew better than to talk back to him. So I shook my head multiple times to let him know that I understood, and he let go of my wrist. I whimpered and pain and tried rubbing the pain away. After the pain went away, I opened the door and walked out. Have a nice day", he replied in his raspy, creepy voice he always had. I shivered, locked the door closed, and fast walked the my bus stop. Once I got there, I turned around to see if he was looking through the window. He wasn't. I quickly took out the bandage from my hoody pocket, and wrapped it around my wrist. I winced while I was doing it, but I tried to ignore the pain that was coursing through my whole left arm. It was hard, but I finally got the bandaged wrapped fully around it. After about five minutes of waiting impatiently, the bus finally came. I was kinda glad that the bus was hear, but then I remembered... school. I sighed, climbed the stairs, and got on the bus. "Hey twat! Find another bus to fuck up! He he!", said a boy sitting in the front seat of the bus. Everybody started to laugh and all of a sudden, a whole wave of paper balls come rushing towards me. It was so fast, I didn't even see it coming. "All right, that's enough. Go on honey, and take your seat", the bus driver said, and I finally was able to take my seat. I could already tell that today was going to be a REALLY bad day.

I was shutting my locker door, because I had forgotten my math text book(I tend to forget a lot. Probably because of all the hits I take to the head.) and was about to walk away, when suddenly, someone had shoved me into it. "Ummf!", I muttered. Then I realized who had shoved me. "Well, well, well. Look who it is guys?", Tyler asked his group of annoying friends. Tyler was my bully. Well, at school, that is. Everyday he did the same stupid routine that was SO annoying. He slams me into a locker, calls me a bunch of names, laughs with his pathetic friends, and walks away because of the bell. Tyler wasn't even popular, not that I knew what popular really meant, but he wasn't. He was one of those kids who THOUGHT they were so popular, but really weren't. Even though he looked kinda scrawny, he was REALLY strong. Most kids were afraid of him, like me. I think it was because of his anger issues towards other people, and he was letting his steam off me. But only me? It was ridiculous and it was a waste of my time. But today was going to be different. "So tramp, where you headin'", he said with a smirk. That was a stupid question. Where else would I be going? "None of your business, Tyler", I muttered anyway. This guy was starting to get to me. Today was not the day. "Oh really? It's none of my business huh?", he asked. "No its not, so could you please.." Then I was cut off with another shove to the head. "Shut up, you twat!", he yelled at me. That was the last straw. "Let me go, you prick!", I yelled at him. I should NOT have done said that. "What did you call me?", he whispered. Before I could answer, he flung me to the floor, hitting my head on the hard, white floor and with my hood sliding off. "Well, looky here guys", he said gesturing to his friends, who were laughing hysterically at me. Then he yanked me off the ground from my arm and pointed at my beat up face. "Looks like daddy got a hit at ugly face hear", he said. When he started yelling a crowd had already formed and they were laughing at me. It was humiliating. "I guess your no daddy's girl, huh", he spit in my face. I was about ready to pop! Then I said something I wished I never had said. "And you must not be one panty dropper for your girlfriend, Melony, to dump you!" A month ago in gym, I heard Tyler and his annoying friends saying that his girlfriend had dumped him because he had lost his "ummph". Now a days, who ever mentions his break up, would get pummeled to a pulp. And I had just brung it up. Everybody started making "oohing" noises. "What did you say to me?", he asked. Then all of a sudden, he swung back and punched me in the stomach. I made an "ummph" sound again, and I fell to the floor again. I can't believe he hit me! "Whoa, dude! You can't hit a girl!", one of Tyler's friends exclaimed. "Shut the fuck up, Brian. You know the rules", Tyler yelled. Then he yanked me off the floor, grabbing me by the arm, and pulled his fist back. "You mentioned the break up, so now I get to break your face!", then he swung! Pop! But he didn't hit me. Instead, his fist was caught by someone's hand. It was Noah's. "You shouldn't have done that", he muttered, and punched him square in the face. Tyler went flailing to the floor, but Noah wasn't finished yet. He leaned down and started punching him over and over and over again. It was a really gruesome sight. Even though I hated Tyler, I didn't want to see him get beat up by Noah. "Noah, stop!", I yelled at him, but he still kept going. Then all of a sudden, CRACK! Noah had broken his nose. I couldn't take this anymore. "Noah, please! Stop this!", I yelled, pulling Noah away from the pore guy. "That'll teach ya!", Noah yelled. All Tyler did was moan, covering his nose and spluttering blood. I hated violence. "Come on, I'm taking you to my house", Noah said, grabbing my arm and walking away from the awh struck crowd. "Wait, I have to go to class! I can't just.." "You obviously are hurt and you won't be able to focus anyway, so I'm taking you back at my house!", he interrupted. "But.." "Look!", he interrupted again. "Your obviously hurt, right!" I nodded. I wasn't going to lie. I was in some serious pain. "And you obviously can't stay here, am I right!", he muttered. I nodded again. "So I'm taking you away from this hell hole and bringing you to my place, ok", he said in a much softer tone. I nodded, and soon we were in the parking lot, and going into Noah's car. He breathed out a deep sigh and looked at me. "I'm going to be in a lot of trouble when I get back to school, huh?", he asked me. I giggled and nodded my head. He smiled at me for a few seconds, started the car, and then we were off.

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