Daddy! Part 2 (Niam)

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All credit goes to StepTowardsTheLight on Ao3 :)

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All credit goes to StepTowardsTheLight on Ao3 :)

Description: (Continuation of the last chapter)

Liam may or may not have gotten a little side tracked when he went upstairs. After cleaning up the bathroom, fixing the shower curtain and collecting the younger boys pyjamas he was in desperate need of a wank. He couldn't really go downstairs with a boner, that would freak Niall out so he had to get rid of it somehow. However he took a little longer than anticipated and soon Niall was calling up for him.

'Liam!' He yelled upstairs. 'What's taking you so long? I'm cold and I think the tea's burning!' Liam cursed under his breath, glad he'd thought to clean the bathroom before wanking. Cleaning himself up and grabbing the boys boxers and pyjamas he ran downstairs rubbing his eyes and heading for the oven.

'Sorry Niall, I fell asleep whilst emptying the bath.' Niall let out a chuckle as Liam threw him his clothes and began to get dressed, right there in the middle of the kitchen. Liam had to fight back dirty thoughts as he gave their pasta one last stir before dishing it out between the two bowls that were sat on the table. He made sure to give Niall a large serving because damn that boy could eat.

'It's no bother Li.' The blonde said chuckling as he sat down a smile on his face, but then again when was Niall not smiling? Barring when he'd been hit with the shower pole Liam had never seen the boy without a smile. 'Thanks for making tea as well.' Liam smiled.

'It's no bother Ni.' He said using a nickname like the blonde had used for him. 'I only had to heat it up.' A silence fell over the two lads as they ate. Liam knew that the blonde was going to get rather sleepy quite quickly after eating so he was going to have to make his move quickly. After clearing the tea thing's away he joined Niall in the sitting room, trying to think of a way to make his move without completely freaking the lad up. For some completely conincidental reason the program Niall happened to watching was about the rise in LGBT bullying. 'As a random question do you feel about the LGBT thing?' Niall was silent for a minute.

'It's chill with me, I mean one of my best friends is gay and you are as well aren't you?' He said after a little while. Liam nodded simply but his thoughts were going haywire, he didn't know Nialls best friend was gay, this was news to him and Liam quickly realized he could use it to his advantage.

'Yeah, i'm gay.' He said simply feigning an interest in the TV before turning to Niall. 'Are you straight?' He asked bluntly watching the boy so he could see his reaction. Niall looked shocked at first but eventually he answered.

'I-I'm not sure.' He said quietly turning to face Liam. 'I d-don't really know.' Liam patted Niall on the shoulder and gave him a reassuring smile.

'Do you want me to help you find out?' Niall's eyes widened.

'W-what?' He asked looking the elder in the eyes. 'Do you mean...' He trailed off as Liam nodded. 'D-do you really think that's a good idea?' He asked shocked. Liam let out a little chuckle.

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