Part 20 - The Picture of Jackson

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I looked up from my notebook to find Jako narrowing his eyes at me. He's pushing the eraser of his pencil into his cheek with broody eyes.

"What's bothering you?" He asked suddenly, breaking the silence.


"You've been staring at each problem for at least 50 seconds before attempting them, and I know you're smarter than that." I didnt say anything, and for a moment it was just us staring into the others eyes. He knew I was upset, I just prayed he couldn't guess about what.

Am I upset?

Or more conflicted?

I dropped my gaze first, and started working on the problems again.

"I'm fine." I said, reaching for my phone to turn up the volume of my music so that even if he asked any more questions  I wouldn't hear him.

Conflicted is upset.

Is there even a difference?

I stared down at the problems again, and this time felt even worse, but that didn't mean it wasn't easy. I sighed and started working, really working. I worked even when I thought of Kadri and his illegal kisses. Literally, illegal kisses.  Why had he kissed me? Why was he willing to risk-risk jail to kiss me? Why was I willing to put him there? My brain throbbed in my head, and I ducked my head slightly, trying to hide the expression of pain on my face.

When I finished I looked up to see Jako talking to someone. Someone I didn't recognize. Another guy, but seriously someone I didn't recognize. I narrowed my eyes at him. Why did he look so....unrecognizable?

Suddenly interested I turned down the volume and started to listen to the conversation they were having.

"So, you're fine? Really-you can tell me." The other guy said this, and then pushed up the glasses on his face looking slightly smug.

"Yeah, Jackson ( lol no not from got7 sorry to disappoint 😂 )

"Yeah, Jackson ( lol no not from got7 sorry to disappoint 😂 )

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relax, I'll still crush you on Friday." Jako said, his right eyebrow raised, looking a little pissed off.

What are they talking about?

"We're talking about the chess competition in DC on Friday. Since we qualified we're going, but sometimes schools put in more than one team so the teams end up playing against each other."

"You play chess?" I asked, slightly amazed. Was there anything he didn't do?

"Well, I'm in the chess club. Doesn't mean I'm any good."

Jackson scoffed, pushing his  black curls from his face only to have them fall back into his brown eyes. He rose from being eye level with Jako and that was another thing I noticed. He was tall, and skinny but you could still clearly see he had some muscle underneath his shirt.

"He's exaggerating. He beaten me three times in a row," Jackson's face grew clearly irritated as he spoke the words, but turned smug again as he kept talking. "But I beat him seven times in a row so it doesn't matter. Also," he said turning his gaze into Jako. "Who is that? Didn't you have another-"

"Her name is-"

"Yeah, I can introduce myself. I'm Lila, but I'm pretty sure the question we all want answered is...who the hell are you?" At that, Jako, bursted out laughing, and Jackson grinned at me. A boyish grin. The grin of someone not truly old yet. 

"I'm Jackson III, and I'm on the soccer team, in the chess club, won prom king last year, I've seen over 300 animes, and my g.p.a is 3.98." I gapped at him.

"3.98? My g.p.a is 3.69. The hell?"

"Yeah, don't gape at that or he'll shove it in your face for the next two years." I shut my mouth.

"But seriously? You're in Chess Club? What, do you hide it from people or something?"

"Ah, I've known him for a very long time-"

"Since Freshman year." Jako said, cutting him off. Clearly amused and irritated that Jackson had just said that.

"And he hides many things." At that Jako's gaze turned to mine, and I could see the playfulness in them.

"Well, that's true."

"So, the match is in DC on Friday?I'll go." I said suddenly, setting my pencil down.

"How you don't have a car?" Jako asked me, staring blankly into my face.

"I'll hop on your bus."

"We don't leave until-" Jackson cut himself off and then turned to Jako. "That'll work then I guess."

"What'll work?"

"We leave at exactly 3:17."

"Well," I said, my gaze turning to Jako. "We have the same last period. I'll just follow you."

Jackson crossed his arms, as he looked down at me, but he didn't say anything which felt a bit out of character for the little time I'd known him.


And that was it. My fate was set in stone.

Well, technically on a bus, but details shmeeptails.

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