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Jarrod stories: Jarrod gets a motorbike

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One dayJarrod got a brand new Harley connerson from the awesome Connor.Jarrod drove it until it stopped working and the petrol gauge was on E and as far as Jarrod was concerned E stands for end so it must be broken. So he bought one of Jarrod Company and payed GST and Tax so he only got half the money back he payed his own Company.

Jarrod went for a ride and when he drove along he heard someone yelling: ´Run forest Run´ so he drove to the voice and ranover forest Gump, but quickly drove away from the scene top speed with 25kmh. Suddenly Jarrods engine exploded and his exhaust lit on fire, his front brake fell off and his back brake was blocked by a piece of engine his fuel tank ripped in half and his right half of the handlebars flew away, Lastly his bike chain got caught on the carburettor and both incinerated. Jarrod was now out of control. Then a policeman drove past and got out his cal.50 machinegun and shot at Jarrod. Jarrods bike was now a total wreck of burning metal and Jarrod ran into a tree that was just falling down a cliff into a river. Jarrod landed on a crocodile which ate his leg but Jarrod was able to climb to safety where he saw E.T. Because Jarrod had seen the movie he pointed his pointy finger towards E.T and E.T sprinted towards him and bit it off and farted into Jarrods face. Then an earthquake sucked Jarrod underground. The end.  

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