Goodnight Kisses

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Hello readers before I start writing this I wanted to thank you with all the votes and comments you guys been leaving it means a lot and thanks for the back to your reading 😊 carry on then

Star Pov
I lay wide awake on my bed looking at my door knowing Marco is probably asleep and won't wake up to hang, he did once when I slept walked but I don't do that anymore..I started having dreams of me and him together, it was amazing and it felt so real but I wake up kissing my pillow if I ever get the chance it would be magical, I face away from the door and look at my balcony and I walk onto it and watch the stars and think about life in general, soon I'll be leaving and won't tell him how I feel but I rather stay here on earth then home where I was born or grew up..I hold myself and sigh and look up at the stars one last time and wish the day came true..

I walk around my empty and spacious room and talk to myself, I do this when I'm thinking if it's the right thing to do or it's the worst, like if I end up with Marco we could be like Tom and me and that's the last thing I want between me and Marco, I care so much about him I don't want that. But if we do be together we can have tons of more and 'Safe' fun because I can get a little reckless if I don't control myself.

It could go either way as I walk towards my bed I heard the sink running in the bathroom, who could be awake at this hour? It could be Mrs Diaz or Mr Diaz, they seem to be awake when we are asleep or awake. I open my door and see Marcos door open and I quickly look in and he's not in there, it's Marco who's up as I go back to my room I heard the door of the bathroom open and I closed my door and wait for the right moment to open..

Marco Pov
I lay on my bed staring at my door wondering if star is awake so we can talk and fall asleep but I doubt she's awake, I look away from the door and hold myself and try not to think of her that way, yeah I kinda started liking star a week after her wand exploded, we were always together and talked and somehow I fell for her..

I bet if I tell her she doesn't feel the same and she probably still thinks I like Jackie and that boat sailed, she doesn't really found any interest in me and never will, I get up and walk towards my door and go to the bathroom, I splash cold water on my face and look at myself, I have bruises and cuts from fighting monsters and from the castle, I go and fight everyday with her and she protects me and I protect her, it's a life and death situation but how can I tell her how I feel if she won't feel the same way?

I sigh and walk to my bedroom as I opened my door I heard her door open "Marco?" She said quietly and I blush at how cute she did it and also the outfit she's wearing " didn't mean to wake you up" "I can't sleep, I've been laying in bed wide awake just thinking, want to hang a bit til we get tired?" I nod and enter her room "I guess, I couldn't sleep either just thinking about.." I almost said it "About?" She ask " in general" she smirks

"Funny I've been thinking that myself" she sits on her bed and hugs the bear I got her and I lay back down looking up her canopy bed "So we are thinking of we have grown so much" she giggles and it makes me smile "No, we haven't it's just kicking out butts" "That's truth" she moves and lays next to me and I turn and face her and her cheeks look pink, is she blushing? "Marco....never mind" I raised an eyebrow "What's wrong? Go ahead" I gave her a smile and she sigh and held the bear tight

"Marco I..I..ugh I like your nachos!" I burst out laughing "I already know that, are you hungry? I could make you some?" She shakes her head "No, ugh this is harder then I thought" "What is?" I look at her and she moves her face up and plays with her hair "I want to say it but it comes out differently.." she's having trouble talking to me, acting nervous around me, wait a minute does she like me? I bet she does

"Star, if I tell you what I want to say you have to be truthful with me?" She blushes and nods "Okay I will" I took a deep breath and looked at her right in her blue eyes "Star you!" I blushed and her face turn red as a cherry and I sat up and she did too "It's okay if you don't like me..I-" she put her index finger on my lips and she smiled "I like you too" I smiled and breathe softly, I got it out my chest and to my surprise she likes me back..

We sat there in a awkward silence and I didn't know how to continue it, like we both said it and it's out now, what now? Just say goodnight and move on? As I look around I look at her she's holding herself and her eyes are shining and her lips looks so soft and pink and I shake my thoughts of that "Ahh.." she looks at me "you okay?" She moves closer to me and I look at her and take my chance and hold her face and kiss her softly and she returned it and when we broke free we blushed like crazy

"So much better..Uh I mean..hehe" she giggled and I chuckled "This was so much better then my dream" she admits "You dream of us kissing? That's not weird it's normal" she shakes her head and stands up "Well, now what? We kissed, we both like each other?" I said up and crack my back "It's up to you, we can be together or just stay friends..for now until your ready I don't mind waiting"

that was true I waited for Jackie my whole life I wouldn't mind waiting for Star "I want to.." I raised an eyebrow "Want" She nods and I pull her into a hug "Then I'm okay with it" she looks at me and leans in for another kiss,it was better then before "My best friend became my boyfriend, that's so cute" "I'm not cute, I'm handsome" she rolls her eyes "Your so full of it" we laugh and say goodnight and go to bed. I finally fell asleep and it was a great way to go to bed..

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