Honest To A Fault

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November, 1929
The Coraggioso, a small jazz hall

In the basement of the jazz hall was the headquarters of the 'Gandor family'.

Sometimes jazz music from the bar upstairs would seep down through the ceiling. And, with this music in the background, a dozen men were drinking wine, laughing, shouting—all these sounds mixed to give an indescribable atmosphere.

From just the looks one could tell the people there weren't of the friendly sort. These men sat scattered around this cramped store, doing whatever they liked.

Yet in such a rowdy place was a pool of silence.

Seated around the central, round table were three men and a girl. They seemed to be playing poker... or trying too, at least.

"What's wrong, Charlie? You get a bad hand?" Berga asked her, smirking.

It'd been about two days since Luck came back with Charlie as Dino's 'collateral.' At first, Berga had been about to pop a blood vessel when he heard how spineless Dino had been, and that he was trying to get out of paying them back, but after hearing the whole story from Luck, and finding out just how useful Charlie actually was (since it turned out she could pick locks, play piano, sing, and do a few sleight of hand tricks), he had managed to calm down before any serious damage was done.

Keith had also been a little surprised to find out that Dino had an adopted sister, but decided to trust Luck's judgment on the matter. After all, even if they killed Dino they still wouldn't get paid.

Dead men can't write checks.

"Um... I think it's a good one, but... I can't remember what it's called," Charlie said thoughtfully as she furrowed her brow slightly in concentration.

Since she was staying in their Family's base so they could keep an eye on her, Charlie had decided she might as well make herself useful and start working off Dino's debt, just in case he 'forgot' about her and never came back...

However, they weren't exactly what she had expected, based on how she had heard most real mafia bosses were. Oddly enough, she and the three brothers had gotten along pretty well so far, despite the fact that she was pretty much their hostage. As a reward for all of her hard work, the brothers had decided to teach Charlie how to play poker whenever she wasn't needed to play their jazz hall's piano, sing, or pick certain locks. For a bunch of ruthless mafia, they were actually pretty nice guys, as long as you didn't cross them, and after staying with them for two days, Charlie felt that she had learned a little bit more about them.

Keith was the oldest of the three, and the leader of the Family. Keith was the strong and silent type who rarely spoke. His thinking is a little conservative and he seems to cling stubbornly onto what most mafioso would consider outmoded rules and ideas. It felt like maybe it was something like an ever-present sense of old-fashioned righteousness? He always persists in upholding some kind of justice, like in the olden days. But Charlie actually admired that he had a sense of honor and duty towards others. Keith also seems to value his work  over himself, so as the eldest in the Family he is very worthy of respect.

As for Berga... he didn't really seem to have nearly enough brains to balance out his brawn. No matter how she looked at it, he wasn't anywhere close to being the sharpest knife in the drawer (if you know what I mean). But he wasn't a completely brainless beast either. Berga's specialty was to intimidate people—to create terror in their hearts. In Charlie's opinion, if he was a little brighter, then he'd be really scary.

And then there's the youngest, Luck... Charlie wasn't quite sure what to think about him. Usually, he gives people the impression of being calm and collected, but sometimes it felt like he was just pretending to be so calm. When Charlie asked him the other day if he was all right, Luck surprised her by telling her that knows he's not cut out to be in the mafia, so he persists in forcing himself, intentionally pretending to be a 'ruthless person' to trick himself.

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