Chapter 7

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Percy appeared on the doorstep of the Wayne Manor with her fist raised to knock. If she was going to be completely honest, she had no idea what she was doing. Just looking at the Manor after 15 years made her knees shake; what was she going to do when she saw Bruce?

If she saw him, she thought, miserably, If he even wants anything to do with you anymore.

Gathering her courage, she knocked sharply once. After a few moments, she was about to knock again when the door opened up to reveal Alfred. She simply just stood there, not knowing what to say. 

He had a look of astonishment for a brief moment before it was gone and she wondered if it was even there. Then he smiled warmly at her and gestured her to come inside. Instead, she hugged him tightly as he let out a small 'oof' of surprise before hugging her back. 

"It's nice to have you back, Mistress Percy. I've missed you. Bruce is upstairs, in his bedroom."

Upon seeing the look on her face, he continued, "He's missed you, as well."

She nodded mutely before slowly climbing the stairs, her thoughts swirling in a hurricane. She wanted to see him so badly. She just wanted to hug him and never let go. But she didn't know how he would react. Would he be furious before she even got the chance to explain? Would he be happy to see her? Did he have someone? 

Pushing that last thought way back into her brain, she silently opened the door to his bedroom. 

She stepped inside, just as he stepped out of the bathroom, drying his hair with a towel. She sharply inhaled, because, gods, he looked exactly the same, yet so different. 

At that sound, his gaze snapped to hers and he froze. 

The towel dropped to the ground. 

He just stared at her like he was looking at a ghost, which,  to him he was. 

"Bruce," she said, although it came out more like a hesitant question.

Still, he stood there like stone but Percy could swear she saw hope in his blue eyes. 

"Bruce," she tried again, her voice still as cracked as before, "It's me, Percy."

But his face hardened and he spoke with a steely tone. 

"Percy is dead and she died years ago," He paused here and he seemed to be gathering something. Whether it was courage or just merely his thoughts, she couldn't tell. 

"No, Bruce, I'm right here," she pleaded and took a step towards him. 

He didn't move but he didn't seem to believe her, even though part of him clearly wanted to. 

"Bruce, it's me. Remember that time we make cookies, and talked for hours in that water bubble?" she spoke softly as she got closer with every word. 

She had almost reached him now, and he was so close to breaking. 

"And the first time we met, remember when you threw that rock at my head and Alfred had to stitch it up? And you told me the story behind those rocks?" With that, she touched his shoulders.

Bruce crumbled under her touch. He wrapped his arms around her smaller frame buried his face into her shoulder. 

"It's you, you're alive," he spoke full of wonder. 

"It's a really long story," Percy laughed as tears fell from her eyes and landed on Bruce's shoulder. 

She could tell his eyes were misty too as he hugged her tighter and whispered that it didn't matter. 

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