Hey guys!! If you made it this far then that means you've finished the book (unless you just skipped to this...in that case. GO BACK!!!!) and I would like to thank you for sticking with me through this story, whether you were here since the beginning, arrived in the middle, or at the end. Either way the support- positive and not so positive- have helped me grow as a writer and helped me finish this story.

As it goes for sequels, there will be 3 more after Destined. That is my goal and I pray that you will be there to support me through the rest.


before I write a squeal I am rewriting Destined. There is a lot of stuff that I want for the 2nd book and the first book needs to have in there. Also, it's been almost a year since I started this book and my writing and details have grown far better. (If you doubt this it is because the ending is kinda rushed so I can do the rewrite.) And (dont deny it I know you have thought it) I know the beginning is like Harry Potter, living with his Aunt and Uncle who are jerks. This was inspired by Harry Potter and now that I know what I am doing with the story I can change the beginning and rewrite it.(But I will not tell you how. Tehe.)

If you plan on reading the squeal then you're gonna want to read the rewrite, otherwise you are going to be completely lost. There are going to be some changed, some minor, some major, but none of it will impact the main plot and no characters will be taken out or names changed. Some will be added, alot of things will be added. And i promise it will be worth it. 

The first chapter of this book was published July 17, 2015, so i am shooting for publishing the first chapter of the rewrite on July 17, 2016. Its not official, just thinking. And I will try for regular updates.

Again...for the thousandth time. Thank you for all the support!!

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