Chapter Twenty: In The End

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The pandemonium has awoken the academy; it is 2 am and at least half the school- including Tommy, Levi, Sophia and I- stand in the entrance hall. Everyone around me stands oblivious to the events that had taken place only an hour before, no one knows the truth, so what they are seeing startles and confuses them. An hour before- back in the fire classroom- a Professor had come running to the sound of bangs and tumbling objects. I only remember it in a blur; the anger that had rushed through me when Professor Ward refused to answer my question, and the gust of wind that had tore through the classroom and turned over desk that weren't already flipped and paper. The one thing I can remember clearly is Professor Ward's face beaming up at me, laughing.

Professor Washington had arrived a few minutes later and questioned what was happening in a panicked voice. I explained the best I could at the time, and the others stared at me with shocked expressions; Professor Ward denied nothing. Professor Washington said he would call for the headmistress and the rest of the staff and soon they were hauling Professor Ward and the rest of us out of the classroom. We sat in the headmistress office- a round wooden room filled with books and other strange objects- and I explained everything over again in fuller detail.

"Draft of Sleeping Death?" She interrupted for probably the thousandth time. I am still surprised she hadn't questioned how Tommy knew I was missing, or why Tommy and Levi both were out after curfew.

"That's what he said." I answered. "What he used on Cora and the others. There is a way to reverse the affects, isn't there?"

"Of course." The headmistress replied to my relief, and with that I jumped back into the story.

She dismissed us, announcing to Doctor Maxwell that she was going to contact Dark Elemental Hunters. Not long after, we watched the doors swing open, a cool, long awaited breeze of fresh air washing over us. The dark figures that had followed the doors opening are now exiting, and everyone is surveying them silently. The five Dark Elemental Hunters are basically dragging Professor Ward with them as he screams and thrashes around in their grip and the strange metal that binds his wrist behind his back are glowing red. Every time he jerks or pulls to hard, the metal burns his bare skin and he lets out a cry of pain along this the nonsense he is screaming.

"Listen to me! Listen to me!" He is demanding, letting out another cry of pain. I watch, frozen in shock and hatred. "She will come back! There is nothing you can do to stop it! It has already been written! Written in stone!" They nearly have him out the door when his eyes find mine. Those around me follow his gaze. "You are destined to bring Aerona Vlasta back!"

His last words echo in the entrance hall as the doors slam shut behind them.


May 31

Weeks had passed before everything returned to normal. When classes returned to their usual schedule a new Professor took over for Ward- who no one considered a Professor any more- and the freedom we longed for was finally granted. I found myself outside reading outside every chance I got, or meeting Tommy in our secret passage. A few weeks before the end of term, Doctor Maxwell had finally created the antidote for those who were still sleeping in the clinic. I remember how overjoyed I was to see my best friend in The Hall, and how confused she and the others looked as they discovered everything that had happened and what had happened to them. The look on Cora's face when she had learned Tommy and I were together was priceless.

It was all the way it was meant to be, but Professor Ward's voice still echoes in my head. We had discovered the answers to the attacks, I had discovered everything about my parents and who I am, but there will always be something that haunts me, so it seems.

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