So, I've waited with the good news, but I can't hold off any longer. I've submitted Saving My Heart to a Small New York Press. I got an answer to submit the whole manuscript and synopsis. I am over the moon folks! I'm so excited about this opportunity and what this may mean. I'll be a hybrid author! This means I'll have self-published and traditionally published books. They are also interested in my first full length novel as well. So, it's all so awesome, I had to share the news.

Of course, this may mean that I'll have to take down the whole novel from Wattpad. I am hoping I'll be able to keep the first few chapters up as sample chapters. Plus, the new manuscript I've submitted include more spicy scenes between Julie and Peter. I added some of their intimate encounters that I can't include in a PG-13 version on Wattpad. 

So, if it does get published, it will be a more indepth and interesting story. It will also be available in the American market. So, I know my overseas readers might not get a chance to read it for much longer unless they could purchase a copy from the US. That would be the only part that bums me out really. I've really enjoyed having people from India, the Philippines, and all over the world be able to read my writing.

So, I'll keep you all updated with what happens. Please join me and all my friends and family in crossing their fingers for this opportunity to pull through. If more information is available, I will post more on this story. Until then, fingers crossed!

UPDATE: Sept. 2, 2016

So, I've had a rejection for Saving My Heart. But when God closes a door, a window opens. In this case, winning a drawing at a workshop where I get to pitch to a Harlequin editor. So, I'm going through a feverish rewrite to increase the word count from 36K to 50K in a month. I've added a lot to the draft, which is in its 3 revision stage. This will be the fourth revision. But, that's the way it works. This first draft on Wattpad still has the essence of the story, but the new drafts have been adding and filling out areas. What ever happens, it will be a sensational story in the end. Thanks for being part of the writing process. My pitch appointment is on Oct. 1, 2016. I'll keep you updated on what happens. Please, cross your fingers for me. ;-)

Update: Oct. 5, 2016

So, the pitch to the Harlequin editor has happened. What did I learn? You really don't know how a pitch will go folks. She suggested "Saving My Heart" be submitted to Harlequin Desire, and got me to pitch more ideas to her. Before I knew it, I was pitching my Boys Over Flowers fan fiction "Firsts". SHE LOVED IT! She asked me to submit the first chapter of that with all the other needed items, cover/query letter and synopsis. So, I've dropped all my writing projects, and I'm working on that right now. After I submit by the Oct. 15th deadline, I should hear back by December 1. So, I'll keep you all up to date. 

I have to admit that I was surprised that she liked my "Firsts" novella. It just proves that it's good to just keep writing no matter what. If you like a project, get it down in a manuscript, and you never know. It could turn out to be a project that might be what people are looking for. If it wasn't for Wattpad, I wouldn't have gotten into writing fan fiction or even thought to play around and write up a novella such as "Firsts". I've always thought of Wattpad as my place to try new things and a sort of a writing play land. It allows me to try out new things.

So, if you've been putting off writing a story idea, stop reading this and get to writing. You just never know where it can lead you. If you don't have a manuscript, no one can read it or want to buy it later. So, free yourself up and get to it, my friend. Write! You never know where it will take you.

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