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Tahlia pov
I was sitting on my bed when my phone went off, I jumped up and grabbed it.

Harry- we are done..

I just sat there in shock my boyfriend of 3 years just broke up with me over a pathetic text. I felt a single tear cascade down my face followed by several more, how could I honestly be so naive. I was no one to normally get upset about boys but I really did take this to heart.

I had to get over this. I have to forget about him, as selfish as it sounds it's true. I need something to cheer me up. I pulled ou my phone and texted phoebe, Chloe and Emma.

Tahlia- up for a sleepover tonight, Harry just dumped me ;(
Chloe-I'm on my way!
Phoebe- what a jerk, be there soon
Emma- I am coming right now!

As expected there was a knock on my apartment door and Chloe was there first since she lived in the same apartment complex. Then there was Phoebe she lived 2 streets down, but Emma lived about 10 minutes away so we just waited, once Emma arrived we walked down to the grocery store a bought all of the junk food possible

"Why did he dump you?" Said Phoebe, "I honestly don't even know what I did!" We paid for all our food then walked home.

Once home we sat in a circle with all our food and decided to play a classic game of truth or dare, the dare's  were getting pretty brutal but I decided to just play it safe and do truths.

"Tahlia you cant just do truths just pick date we won't make it bad" Emma exclaimed. I just gave in and nodded. "Ok then you have to text a random number and talk for at least a week." Said Chloe.

I picked up my phone and put in a random number and sent a text

Tahlia- hey :)

And straight after I texted it I got a reply back.

Unknown- hey what's up?

I sent a reply and we all went to and watched a movie..
Thank you guys for reading this story, I hope you like it. Just give it a chance and remember this is only just the start.

Love Tahlia x

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