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In my family there's a mother, father, Big Brother and me.

I'll just call my Big Brother a...Brother. To be short. Lol.

Anyway, my brother is really good at making stories.

Of all the stories that he made, there's only one that i love reading.

The title of the book is, "The Last Hope". The genres of this story are, Horror, Comedy and Romance.

I talked to my Brother, i asked him if he like me to publish it on wattpad. Because guys i want you to see my brother's story. The stories that he made are amazing and cool.

So, we decided that i'll be the one that will publish it in here, but he is the author of the story. Fuck, its really hard to explain it in english. Anyway, "The Last Hope" have 2 book. The book one is already completed and its on my draft now, For the book 2, is not yet finish.

So guys please, if i will publish the story..i hope you'll read it. The story is really awesome. :)

Thank you Guys. The book will publish soon.

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