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Indianna looked out of the window as Greyson's car drove deeper and deeper into the woods. Dark figures whizzed in between the trees with incredible speed and Indianna gasped.

"Don't worry," Greyson said, not taking his eyes of the road. "They're just pack members."

"They're wolves?" She whispered.


"They're huge!"

"They're border patrols, they can't exactly be tiny, what use will they be defending the pack from rogues?"

Indianna shrugged her shoulders. "How big are you when you're a wolf?"


"Thanks, Greyson, that helps," Indianna said sarcastically.

"I'll show you later," he said and the trees soon thinned out to reveal Greyson's large house.

"Do all of the pack live here?" Indianna wondered.

"Not everyone. Most families stay in town, it's mostly teenagers who stay here. However, everyone comes to the pack house even if they don't live here, it's a communal area."

Indianna nodded and Greyson parked the car. "What about my things?"

"Someone will bring them over later," Greyson shrugged and opened the car door. He climbed out and walked round to Indianna's door, holding it open for her. "Come on, sugar, we haven't got all day," he chuckled and Indianna made sure to slowly exit the car. Greyson sighed and shook his head, shutting the door once Indianna was out of the car. "We need to go see Doc."

Indianna paused and raised her eyebrow. "Need? Are you sure?"


"I don't think we do-"

"Shut up, sugar, and let's go."

"You go, I'll just chill here." Indianna took a step backwards and Greyson chuckled, grabbing her wrist and pulling her into his chest.

"No needles," he said into her ear. "I promise."

"I don't want to go," she said.

"You have to."

"Make me."

"Think about what you just said, Indie," Greyson whispered, sliding his hands down to her ass. He lowered his head and grazed Indianna's lip with his teeth. The tingles shot through her like electricity and she bit her lip, looking up into Greyson's dark eyes.

"No needles and no weird werewolf crap," Indianna warned, gulping as she moved Greyson's hands away from her ass.

"Please elaborate on what you mean by 'werewolf crap', sugar," Greyson said and Indianna glared at him, walking past him and into the house. She knew the way to the infirmary by now and didn't need Greyson to lead the way.

"Indianna," Doc greeted. "Lovely to see you. How are you feeling?"


"The second stage has started," Greyson said, walking in behind Indianna and leaning against the door. "I think. Her senses are developing."

"What has happened?" Doc asked.

"Increased strength and speed."

Indianna looked between the two of them as they spoke and suddenly she saw a blur flying towards her. Her hand shot out immediately and caught the object before it hit her in the face. "What the hell!" She exclaimed, looking at the cricket ball in her hand and then to Greyson who was smirking slightly. "That could have hit me in the face! Do you know how heavy these are!" She threw the ball back with incredible speed and strength, but Greyson caught it easily.

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