Chapter 10: School, Secrets and songs

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Jaylie's POV:
Dr. Jones came in and we went back to the X-ray machine. We went back to the room." It was partly fractured now so I can take that cast off and put on a boot." Said Dr. Jones. "YEAH" I said. " Alright I will go get on that."
Dr. Jones left the room and Justin started talking about how it feels to be in a boot. " it's like one foot is higher than the other one." He explained. " it's not that bad though. You'll just have to have it on for a few weeks"
Just then Dr. Jones came in the room. He had a big tool that looked like a pizza cutter. He cut it off. It was very loud. The cast was off. I looked at my leg. It was twisted a little bit. But that's okay because we will get it fixed  with this boot.  Dr. Jones put the boot on me. He said that I did not have to use the crutches if I don't want to but I still have to for the rest of the day.
------After appointment------
In the car
Justin's POV:
I put Jaylie in the car. She wanted me to get her some McDonalds.
We went to the drive thru. I ordered a BigMac and Jaylie a McFlurry.  We pulled up to the window. " watch this guy's face" I said. The window opened. Her face was priceless.
Jaylie And I started to laugh as I grabbed our food and payed as we drove off.  We went home.  I saw that Jaylie has fallen asleep.  I carried her into the house. I set her on her bed. I finished packing her stuff for tour. We are leaving tomorrow afternoon.  I'm going to see if we can get Jaylie into an online schooling on her new Apple Laptop. I started to snoop around on her phone. I went to her notes. There was a note. It said. " I feel really insecure about myself and everything. I don't think anyone understands me at all." That made me get worried. I went out of the room and into my office. I wrote down something

" I wanna fix all of your insecurities"

Now to find Jaylie an online school.

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This is what Jaylie looks like

This is what Jaylie looks like

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