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The Wolf Inside - Chapter One

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Edited 24/06/2015  

Hey all, this is the very first fan fic I ever wrote and it's been up since 2011, so it's kinda old now lol.

Anyway, for the most part this story will follow the actual storyline, but there are some major differences and original Arcs as well.

Enjoy! ^-^

Third Person's POV

Eyes scanning the piece of paper in his hand, Hiruzen raises a small pipe to his mouth and inhales deeply. He reads the mission report thoughtfully, the large red and white hat atop his head tilting down a little and covering a portion of his wrinkled face. Upon hearing a knock at his door, Hiruzen raises his eyes, leaning back in his chair and carefully setting the report down on his desk.

"Enter!" the elderly man calls, his voice surprisingly strong for someone of his age. He blinks in surprise when a tall Ninja, his charcoal coloured hair pulled up into a spiked ponytail, steps into the room and holds the door open.

Following closely behind, two more Ninja enter Hiruzen's office, dragging a set of heavy chains after them. The chains binding her wrists tightly in front of her, a young girl stumbles inside room, sending her captors a less than impressed look. She tries to pull against the chains, only for one of the Ninja to give them a hard tug, causing a brief look of pain to flash across the girl's face.

"Lord Hokage" the Ninja with the ponytail addresses, running a hand over his short beard and raising one eyebrow at the girl. "Two of our men found this girl wandering around the Land of Fire, about two miles away from the Village."

"She put up a bit of a fight" one of the other Ninja states, smirking in amusement, "But she was hardly able to fend off two Jonin."

Hiruzen glances back at the girl, only to see her scowl at the Ninja mocking her. He didn't think she could be any older than twelve or thirteen, though she seemed a bit short for her age. Her blonde hair, while a little messy, was long and hung all the way down her back. A long fringe of hair was covering her left eye, though her visible one was an unusual, bright purple colour.

Just by looking at the girl, Hiruzen couldn't see anything spectacular or suspicious about her, so he wasn't exactly sure why these Jonin had decided to drag her all the way back to the Village and present her like this.

Watching as the old man before her exhales a small puff of smoke and studies her silently, the blonde girl leans her weight on one foot, considering tapping it to show her impatience with the whole situation.

She wasn't sure what she'd done to get jumped by these Jonin, who had seemed to be on their way back from a mission, but that didn't mean the girl felt like standing around being stared at! Who knew what these Ninja were planning on doing with her. She hadn't done anything wrong, so the girl was hoping she wasn't about to find herself on her way to prison.....

The Hokage suddenly begins chuckling to himself, seemingly entertained by his own thoughts. He flicks his eyes over to the man with charcoal coloured hair, who is in the middle of a bored yawn.

"Shikaku?" Hiruzen questions. "Can you tell me why this girl is bound in chains?"

Shikaku finishes yawning and shrugs his shoulders, before sighing in defeat and letting them droop.

"I have no idea my Lord" the man admits, sweat dropping. He really didn't know either. The two Jonin had asked him to come with them when they'd arrived back at the Village. Maybe they had thought that the Hokage would pay more attention if someone like him was there with them?

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