Chapter Five

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Silently Falling: Chapter Five


I adjust my position to get more comfortable and lean my back against the wall. We have a sub in music, so the whole class is just doing whatever; Mr. C didn't leave much of a lesson plan for our substitute. Even if he had I doubt this guy would have had much authority over us, chorus kids can get rambunctious.

Alyse and I are in our normal spot towards the back of the room. We're lounging on the floor and I have my lyric book sitting in my lap. Alyse reaches over and takes it and looks over the new lyrics I recently wrote.

"What made you want to write this one?" She asks, putting the journal down to look at me quizzically.

"Remember when we all took that trip to New York at the very end of summer?"

She cocks her head, "I missed the last part..."

I sigh, silently falling a little. Sign language is great, but I forget at times that Alyse isn't an expert or anything. There are times I go too fast and she can't read my hands. I know it's not her fault, but it sometimes gets a little stressful. The only one who seems to able to keep up with me at all times is Toby.

"The trip to New York you, me, and the boys took." I sign again, and her eyes light up in recognition.

"Oh! Yeah I remember, what about it?"

"Well, when we went to a more vacant street I remember seeing this girl walking around looking lost. Not in the sense of direction but more in the sense of her life or whatever." I start, going a little slower to make sure Alyse gets all of it.

She nods and I continue.

"The image of her has always been in my head, and I started getting a little bit of an idea for a song. I haven't worked on it in a while though." I shrug.

"Out of all the things to write about..." Alyse trails off with a small chuckle. "Well, this is really good so far." She says, smiling at me as she hands the book back. "I wish you would, like, perform it or something."

I raise a brow, "That would be a problem considering my lack of a voice."

She rolls her eyes, "I meant you do the instrumental portion and then you get someone else to actually sing it."

I shake my head and divert my eyes to the floor.

She knows why I like having songs all to myself. The songs I make and play for our chorus students become the school's songs; they're no longer my own. I like knowing that the songs I make and play on my own account will always belong to me.

But... it would be nice to have someone able to sing them. I have Alyse, but as much as she likes my songs, she pushes performing them for others too much.

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