Chapter 4

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Babygirls POV

"DADDYY" I yell  out, I fell and scraped my knee. He came running upstairs to me.

"Babygirl, what's wrong ?" He picked me immediately.

"I-I fewl and scwaped my knee." I  was very deep in headspace, lately. I think it is because I have been so happy here with daddy. He makes my tummy feel all fuzzy. I wubs him. He was now cradling me in his arms and I was clinging to him.

"Dada, cuddles?" I pouted and looked at him.

"Course' babygirl", he brought me to the bed and laid me down then got under the covers with me. "Better?"

I nod and cuddle into his chest. He starts drawing circles on my back. When he is fully asleep I get bored so I take his phone and start playing. I look at his messages and giggle. Probably shouldn't be in his messages but oh whale. I find one that  makes me tear up

[Messages from the night before]

I shake him to wake him up while pouting. "Daddy."

He rubs his eyes and looks up, cutely. "Yes, baby" his voice a little raspy.

"Who dis?" I put the phone in his face.

"Babygirl, what are you doing with my phone?" he gives me a stern look.

"Uhh... Don't change the subject!"

"Young lady, who are you yelling at?" I back down slowly.

"Sowwy daddy"

"I don't know who that was. Don't do things without daddy's permission. you know that."

"Yes , Daddy"

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