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  • Dedicated to To all those lovely writers of wattpad

Let me tell you, when I started as an author, I was like one of you - a beginner, who didn’t have any knowledge and who had several doubts about writing. Trust me, when I posted my first chapter, I was not sure if I would get even hundred reads.

As a novice, I had questions and many great writers on wattpad answered them.  They guided me in learning this craft and I gained knowledge of various aspects with each of the chapters I posted here.

I have learnt a bit in last few months from various resources in my journey as a writer on wattpad. However, as a writer, I noticed that some of this information was bit complicated for beginner’s as well as it was not available in the same book or blog. So, I thought about consolidating all in one place in easy to understand words for aspiring writers.

I am not saying that I know it all yet. Still I am unaware about the technical aspects of writing. But as I am getting lots of queries from my fans and other writers, I also thought about answering all of them in this small book. I am hereby sharing my experiences in writing my first book - In honour of the heart - and what I went through while writing it.

I am here to answer your questions related to writing. I am planning to take one topic at a time and give you basic information in simple words. I will keep on adding more sections as I receive your queries.

I hope this will help you to unlock your dreams and let them transfer to reality by your fingers.

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