Part 1 "Untamed Demon"

Izeiah's Pov

"Put the flags in the holes" sabi ni Ma'am Sadora. I have P.E and the game was finished a couple of hours ago. If you're wondering what time is it, it's 8pm. We are in the gym without any windows but it's full of things that screams excersice. There were some little holes in the ground. All of us are exhausted but this teacher doesn't give a damn about it.

And by the way, I just learned awhile ago that she was a teacher not a student.

We went to the holes and placed our flags in different destinations.

"The winner gets to finish class early" sabi nanaman niya and it's slowly annoying me. We were all in partners. And unfortunately, Riley finished so late, it was too late partnered up with her so now I'm stuck with Ivan.

"Try to pull out a flag in every holes and the more stronger the teammate you've chosen, the better your advantage will be. I can assure you that 3 pairs will stay behind and will spend the night with me until tomorrow." sabi ni Ma'am Sadora after gumalaw galaw ang mga flags at narinig namin ang pinagclick ng mga mahina sa baba ng mga holes.

We ran and started pulling the flags but to our dissapointment, we can't even pull a flag as a group. I can feel every girl in the room is staring me with their laser eyes because I look like I'm hugging their prince charming, mark the sarcasm. I tried to ignore it.

"Bruh, hindi natin alam na may nakakabit sa baba para maging tagaguyod ng flag pero pagbinunot mo by force the thing underneath it will let go. Ang bobo mo, Niña"

"Yeah, let's try harder then" sabi ko kay Ivan, nakita ko siyang tumango.

He pulled the flag even stronger but the hook couldn't just let go. None of the groups suceeded on pulling a flag.

"The time is ticking and I think its time to show you something quite strange for me. " sabi ko kay Ivan, huminto siya sa paghila at tuminfin saakin. Binitawan niya ang flag at umalis sa daan.

Hinawakan ko ang flag at unti unti itong inilabas. Dahil dito, namotivate lalo ang lahat.

"Geez, It's been a long time since I pulled that trick. I never imagined that I still got it" sabi ko. Nakita ko sa gilid ng mata ko ang pagngisi ni Ivan.

"Are you perhaps a gangster?" Bulong niya na ako lang ang nakarinig. Nagulat ako, he asked it like he's not asking me a question but he's saying it like it's a fact.

"That's so shocking. Me? gangster? your kidding, right?" I denied. I'm an assassin and no one will know I'm the Empress and that I rule the Underworld with the Emperor. I displayed no emotions but I can hardly read his eyes. He should let this slide to give me some privacy, atleast because I've been needing it most these days.

"Lets go, I want to take a nap." Lumakad na ako papunta kay Ms. Sadora at binigay ang flag.


Sa wakas nandito na ako pero pagkadating na pagkadating namin merong sulat ang nakalapag sa bed ko. Binuksan ko ito pero napanguso lang dahil sa nakasulat. Naramdaman kong nakatingin din si Ivan sa sulat sa likod ko.

"William Shakespeare" Ivan said out loud.

Kung ngayon panga ako makatanggap kay Butler Chan ng sulat,, ganito pa kahaba ang naisulat, dalawang salita lang. -_-

Butler Chan nga eh, Okay time to concentrate

So if you say William Shakespeare. Usually people will describe him as England's national poet, and the "Bard of Avon". Pero hindi ito related kase.. one, hindi tumutula ang mga untamed souls at pangalawa, it doesn't explain anything, he could've emailed me instead of hurting my brain. Magkaka brain damage ako dito eh.

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