Cold :- A Monday Couple Fanfiction

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Ji Hyo sneezed as she rubbed her palms against each other, hoping to gain at least an ounce of warmth. The latest Running Man filming was being held on what could probably be the coldest morning she had ever encountered. The wind blew harshly against her hair as she gazed at the staff members skeltering back and forth, their equiments in hand. She was very tempted to help them set their cameras up, being the well mannered woman that she was, but she'd rather not face the wrath of her coordi unnie when it came to her smudging her make up. 

Sighing, Ji Hyo walked towards the nearby bench and took a seat. The filming site was at the Han River this time around, a landmark race, she had heard the PD discussing the missions with the other staff members not too long ago. She giggled at how the PD thought no one could hear his 'extremely quiet' whispering.

Staring out at the river, she tilted her head to the side. Ah, what wouldn't I give for a couple of hot packs?, Ji Hyo thought. The mere idea of acquiring something warm gave her a shiver that sent tingles up her spine. The wind blew harder all of a sudden and Ji Hyo tried with all her might to think of warmth. Hot packs, Sunshine, Hot water, Jackets, Mittens, Scarves, Coffee ~

Hmm.. Coffee ~


Gary smiled as he watched Ji Hyo from afar. Miss Mong Ji had blanked out yet again while staring at the river.

He had arrived to the film shoot some time ago and had been busy getting ready. It seemed that the new tattoo he had gotten gave his coordi quite a headache in figuring out how to conceal it. All the while though, he had been staring out at Miss Mong who was quietly mumbling to herself.  

She must be cold, he thought, eyeing the way she kept rubbing her hands and blowing against them in attempt to keep warm. 

After what felt like an hour of getting ready, Gary headed towards the direction that his Monday Girfriend was in. Passing by Haha, he gave a curt nod and told him that his coordi was looking for him. Smiling at the panicked 'Oh no hyung! She's going to make me wear something ugly again! ' that Haha had yelled back at him, he laughed as he went on by.

Finally he reached the small bench that Ji Hyo was at. Straightening out his shirt, he cleared his throat and managed a small 'Mong Ji?'

No reply. Gosh, did she even hear me?, he thought.

'Yah! Song Ji Hyo!'

Ji Hyo finally seemed to have snapped out of the dazed state that she was in and turned towards Gary, her mouth forming a small 'o' in shock. She looked a little confused as she mumbled out 'Yes oppa?'.

'Aren't you cold Mong Ji? Why aren't you wearing a jacket?'

She gave a small giggle, explaining how her sponsored clothes today were a little more exposed that necessary and that it wasn't helping her keep warm at all. 

Gary chuckled at the small joke she made soon after, about her scary coordi unnie. He did notice though, as Ji Hyo's frame shook with another obvious shiver. Putting the small bag that he had been carrying, onto the bench, he shrugged out of the thick down feathered coat that his coordi had given him.

'Here you go,' he said. He tugged the sleeves into a proper postion before hooking the jacket over Ji Hyo's shoulders. She smiled in appreciation, mouthing a soft  'Gumawo oppa~' in return. Gary nodded and reached for the bag he had been carrying. Pulling the zipper on it, he reached in, rummaging the bag for a few good seconds before pulling out a standard cup of Americano and a couple of hot packs. Thrusting the coffee in Ji Hyo's hand, he mumbled about how she should start taking care of herself, being in such a weather, and try not to catch a cold. Ji Hyo just blanked out again as she watched her oppa tear the wrappers on the hot packs and place them gently in her pockets.

'Aish those two..,' mumbled Jae Suk from afar.

The scene between the two known as the Monday Couple didn't go unnoticed to the rest of the members, well, except for Haha, who was too busy being chased by his coordi.

'That Gary hyung! Can't he see that I'm freezing too!', huffed Kwang Soo as he tried to snuggle up close to his Jong Kook hyungnim. The others laughed as they turned and refocused their attention on the Monday Couple, watching the scene that unfolded as Ji Hyo realized what Gary was doing and started yelling at him. Laughing, the members cast knowing glances at each other.

Yes, the day was cold.

The water that Jong Kook pushed Suk Jin into later during the filming was even colder.

Nevertheless, everyone who noticed the shy glances that were passed between Gary and Ji Hyo knew one thing. 

The way Gary took care of his Monday Girlfriend and the way Ji Hyo yelled and kept an eye out on her 'handsome man Kang Gary'.

Nothing would be warmer than the tenderness that was the Monday Couple.

This was warmness theory was proven by Kwang Soo, who discovered it as he tackled them both to the floor in an attempt at stealing the hotpacks ~

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