Ah, Yes. My alarm clock. Because every morning should start with a heart attack.

I sigh and scramble out of bed. I shower and put my hair in a low ponytail. I put on my black skinnies, purple converses, tight Lakers Jersey, and Lakers snapback. I guess you could say I'm obsessed, Lakers are my everything.

I get downstairs and I see my sister, Bryanna, eating a McGriddle.

Bree: Morning!

Me: Morning. 

Bree: Your food is on the counter.

Me: Coo.

I walk over to the counter to see a McGriddle and a medium orange juice in front of me. I grab my breakfast and sit across from Bree. I glance at her Prodigy dog tag. Yupp. We're fans, but Bree is OBSESSED with Prodigy. She calls it "devoted."

Bree: How come you haven't gotten your dog tag yet?

Me: Because I'm not obsessed like you. And I'll get mine when I get it. Stop sweating me.

Bree: I KNOW you want the Roc one. And you ARE gettting it, because I'm buying it for you afterschool today.

Me: Whatever.

Bree smirks and continues eating. I sigh and roll my eyes. She's taking this WAY too far. We start to talk about other things.

Me: So what's up with Beyonce's baby?

Bree: I sure hope that it gets it's mama's genes. Cause if that baby looks like it's daddy, I just don't know.

We both share a giggle and clean up. We start to head to the bus stop together. We do EVERTHING together. We're fraternal twins. We're about the same height, but I look like a toothpick. We could both fight, though, if you get us REALLY mad.

We see the bus pull up and we get on. We in plop down in a random seat. Neither of us realized we were sitting across the aisle from Dawnielle and Grace until Dawnielle spoke up.

Dawnielle: Well, I guess you guys forgot about our lives.

Bree and I jumped a little, then we realized who it was. We said our "waddups" and did our little corny handshakes.

Grace: Sooo, did you guys hear about who our new students to ACHS are gonna be?

Bree, Dawn & I: Who?

Grace: The amazing, awesome, sexy, talented, magnificent...

Bree, Dawn & I: JUST TELL US!!


Dawn: (Starts beating on the seat AKA "drum.")



Soooo, should I continue? What's gonna happen with MB and the girls? Will my Grandma stop naggin' me about bein on the computer so much? Find out in Chappie 2! It should be up tomorrow. :)

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