Part 1 - Tie Breaker

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Are you serious?  A tie?  Already?

Oh man...

So quick recap:

You've awoken in complete darkness. What memories you once had are fading fast, until they disappear into the fog of your mind forever.

After some sightless investigation of your surrounds, you think you are enclosed in a stone structure that was constructed without the use of mortar or cement.  There is but one hole in this small stone chamber.  Where that hole leads, you do not know and cannot see.

Pitch black, remember?

As you prepare to haul yourself through the hole, you hear shuffling, as if someone approaches.  It is soon joined by muttering.  Someone or something called Minion is looking for someone or something for someone or something it calls "Master."  Clear?

You must make a decision as to what to do next.  These are your options:

a) Call out! Finally! Help has come!

b) Try and get out of your chamber, so you can sneak around this Minion person and try to escape stealthily.

c) Move to the side of the opening and press against the wall, hoping to avoid detection if whoever it is does check the chamber.

If you want more details before you make your decision, read the first part at

I think it fair to warn you that two of the above options - yes, two - will result in your death, so consider carefully! Vote in the comments of this section of story. Voting anywhere else will not count.

Voting ends 26 May, 2016 at midnight.

Good luck, readers!

... You'll need it!

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