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Pen Your Pride

Ch. 13: She Likes My Enemy

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<~Austin's POV:

I frowned when I found out it was Stephanie. I didn't want it to be. Why is she calling me anyways I told her I couldn't go.

"Hello." I grumbled. I wanted her to know I wasn't happy that she called.

"Austin! Why in the world can't you come! It's just a little tour and you can't just not be Austin Moon for so long and then just come back and pretend nothing's happend. You need to work on your career or your gonna loose it." She shouted. Didn't sound like she was happy either.

"Stephanie, you don't understand. I CAN'T go. I need to take care of my family." I say smiling at Ally.

"Family?...Austin since when have you been a family guy. You live alone." She said, sounding confused.

And then I remembered she still doesn't know.

"Stephanie, you don't know this because I never told anyone but I'm a father." I explained hoping she would take this news well.

"Your what!" She exclaimed.

"Yes. I have a daughter, Annie. She is my baby and I love her so much. I can't go because I need to take care of her. I love her more than my career and she needs me." I say. I never thought these words would come from my mouth.

Ally stood there, her eyes watering. I smiled at her and wrapped my arm around her.

"That's very sweet Austin. So I'm not going to force you to go on tour but I will warn you that you will someday if your going to keep your musical career." She warned.

"I understand that. Until next time. Goodbye Stephanie." I said. I really wanted to end this phone call so I can spend time with my babe.

"Goodbye Austin." She said and hung up. Finally.

Ally smiled at me, "That was all so sweet of you to say, Austin." She said giving me a hug.

I hugged her back.

I lifted up her chin so we were looking straight into each others eyes, "It's the truth. I love you baby." I say kissing her on the lips.

She kissed me back and then she pulled away.

"I wish we could go do something." Ally sighed.

"We can. What were you thinking." I ask.

"We can't...not with Annie." She sighed again.

But she was right. Man in a way being a parent to such a young baby sucks. Espessically when your a young parent.

Then I got an idea. I smiled at Ally.

"How about you and Trish go out for a girls day and I'll stay home with Annie." I suggest.

"Trish? I haven't talked to her in forever. I do miss my best friend. Okay Austin. But are you sure you want to do that?" She asks for reassurance.

I nodded, "I'm positive, I want you to have some fun."

"Thanks Austin." Ally smiled giving me another hug.

"Anything for you babe." I say hugging her back.

She pulled away, "I better go call Trish!" She exclaimed and ran up the stairs.

I chuckled, she's so adorable.


<~Ally's POV:

I was so glad Trish and I were gonna have a girls day! We haven't done that in forever. She was coming to pick me up in 15 minutes so I had to hurry up and get ready.

I loved getting dressed up nice because I don't get to do it as much anymore. So when I get the chance I go way overboard.

First I did my makeup and .then I curled my hair and wore a cute little dress. Like I said I go way overboard.

I heard the doorbell. Trish was early! Ug!

"Austin, will you get that!" I shouted down the stairs.

"Sure, babe!" He responded.

He's so cute. I love how he calls babe. He's the best boyfriend ever.

I stood in front of the mirror. I looked perfect.

I went back downstairs. Both Austin and Trish had wide eyes and an open mouth.

"What are you guys starring at?" I ask them. I mean I knew I looked good but not that good!

"Ally, you do know we are just going shopping and to the spa right?" Trish reminded me.

"Yeah I know but I never get to go out and I love to dress up." I explain.

She nods. I think she thought I was crazy.

"You look too hot to go out alone." Austin said.

"I'm gonna be with Trish." I remind him.

"I meant me. Someone's gotta keep the guys off ya." He joked.

I rolled my eyes and playfully pushing him, "The only guys I can't get off me is you."

Trish and Austin both laughed until Austin went back into a serious tone.

"But seriously babe, be careful." He says kissing my forehead.

"I will please don't worry about me. Just take care of Annie." I say giving him one last hug.

Trish was just standing awkwardly in the doorway waiting for me to come.

"I'll be back later. Bye Austin." I say walking out the door.

Trish and I walked side by side to the car.

"So you guys live together?" She asked.

"Yup." I reply popping the p.

"Oh. He seems to really care about you." Trish says as we begin driving to the mall.

"So what store should we go to first?" Asks Trish.

"I don't know. Lets go to the spa first." I suggest.

"Okay." Trish smiled.

We made it to the mall and went inside we just had to walk to the other side of the mall to get to the spa.

As we were walking I was getting starred at by a lot of guys, I guess Austin was right.

I wish he was here. I miss him and he would have made sure no one was starring at me.

Finally we made it to the spa. We decided to get mani pedis and a massage.

This is going to be a great day with my beat friend.


We walked out of the spa, feeling refreshed.

"Man, I love the spa!" Trish exclaimed. She had a big grin on her face.

"Hey, we should go to Forever 21." I suggested. It was right in front of us.

Trish nodded excitedly.

We walked into the store and I swear I saw Cody. Now I'm getting a little nervous. I don't trust him in any way.

Trish was looking through some clothes I nudged her.

"Ally look isn't this cute!" She said pulling out a cute top.

I ignored what she just said, "Trish I think I just saw Cody!"

"Cody? Where?" She asked.

I showed her where Cody is, "I can't let him see me." I whisper.

"Okay okay, calm down." Trish said, "You will be fine, I'm here with you." She reassured me.

There's no way for me to calm down, not unless Austin was here.

"Trish...he's walking this way I think he saw me." I say crouching down.

"Ally, he's just a person...a very good looking person." She said. She was starring at him.

"I'm gonna go talk to him! I mean if you don't want him, I can have a shot, right?" Trish said running over to Cody.

It was already to late for me to stop her.


<~Trish's POV:

I can't believe Ally doesn't like this guy. He is so hot! I have to go talk to him. I walk towards him before Ally has a chance to stop me.

"Hi." I say blushing a little.

"Uh hey." He said sounding disgusted.

Was he thinking that I was disgusting.

"What brings you here?" I asked trying to start a conversation.

"Just here, I guess." He said coldly.

"Oh you remember me, right. Trish." I say following him as he walked in Ally's direction.

"Yes, but I don't care now stop following me." He demanded.

Wow someones having a bad day. I sigh in defeat and pass him to get back to Ally.

She was trying to hide from him behind piles of clothes.

"He's a jerk." I say suddenly.

"I told youuuu." Ally smiled.

I shrugged, "But he's still hot." I sigh.

Ally glanced at me, "You think he's hot?" She asked.

"Yeah, don't you?" I ask her.

She shook her head, "No, the only guy I find hot is Austin."

Of course. But I guess we all have different opinions.

Suddenly Ally buried her face in the clothes attempting to hide herself.

I felt someone tapping on my shoulder I looked up and saw heaven, I mean Cody.

"Trish." He suddenly speaks.

"Y-yeah." I stutter, mesmerized by his handsome looks.

"Can you tap that girl next to you, I need to talk to her." Cody said referring to Ally.

"Uh sure." I say disappointed. I tapped Ally's shoulder. Her head shot up and when she saw Cody, she froze.


A/N: Sorry about the longer wait then usual. My wattpad hasn't been working very well. I'm also sorry about the cliffhanger. Please comment and vote and I will update soon!


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