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My dad died when i was was really hard for me but i  had to be strong for my mother.Last year my mom decided to get married again.It was really hard for me to accept my step dad because i never thought  anyone would replace my dad's place.Anyway i had no choice because he really helped us a lot financially.He  is so rich.

They got married in August .After a week they told us that we were going to move to America because that was were my step dad  worked.

MICHELLE: What! no,no,no.Am staying here .am not going anyway ok.

MICHELLE'S MOM:Why.young lady you dont tell me want to do.Now go pack your bags we going tomorrow  .ok!

i left the table filled with anger and i just wanted to cry my heart out.What i dont undrestand is why i was so mad, i was going to live the life i have always wanted.I just laid on my bed n felt a tear fall on my face then i suddenly fell asleep.

Michelle! come on baby girl wake up. (my step dad called me)

i got out of my blankets and reached for my watch .i washed  my face and brushed my teeth. i saw my step dad in the kitchen having a cup of tea.

STEP DAD:morning michelle

MICHELLE:why did you wake me up,its four o'clock for goodness sake

STEP DAD:we are going to the airport in thirty mins(he said looking at his watch)


my  lil brother was so excited and i was also excited but i just didnt want to show it.We all got into our car and headed to the airport. We arrived there after thirty mins.I couldnt believe that i was living my friends and family to go to America.I was going to a place where i did not know anyone.

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