DONGHYUK ~ Naughty

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Note: although im jealous of those girls in their mv, i still love it 😂 ikon already slayed the charts in 24 hours! so proud 😣

In this dong imagine, it only looks cute at first ;) 😂


"So, what do you want to do today?" Donghyuk asked while I'm pressing my cheeks on top of his chest. He's wrapping his arms around me while we're laying on the bed. This is the most comfortable feeling ever.

"I just want to cuddle you all day. How 'bout you?" I tilted my head, looking at him. He tighten his cuddle on my waist and kissed me on the forehead.

Sounds cliché right? This really happens between two person deeply in love with each other. Too sweet.

"Um I don't know," he stretched his arms. I sat on the bed and brushed my hair because I haven't fix myself since I wake up.

"No no don't fix your hair. You look beautiful in that... position." Donghyuk even formed his hand like a camera and sexily bit his lip. I just glared at him while blushing.

"Reverse psychology? That ain't funny Dong," he pouted as I continued brushing my hair. I secretely smiled because of his cuteness.

"I gotta change myself now. I still need to fetch C/N from school." I was about to stand when he pulled me forcely.

Now I'm back at my position where I was laying on his chest.

"That hurts Dong. Why'd you need to pull me?" I spanked his chest that made him growled. That really hurts. I feel like my arm will separate from my body in any minute because of the force.

"Yah sorry _______. I just want to cuddle you even longer. There's still 30 minutes before C/N dismissal. Is that too much to ask baby girl?" I blushed more when he said baby girl through my ear. I glanced away and spanked him again.

"We aren't teenagers to call me baby girl Dong. Just shut your mouth," he pouted once again, trying to make his dimples more visible.

My eyes automatically got big when he pulled my body really close to him. We stared at each other with a creepy face on his face.

"But I want to. Got a problem with that baby girl?" I blinked for a few times and tried to push him. But how can I if he doesn't want to let go of me? Donghyuk is really clingy. But I love it.

"Could you please let go of my body? I haven't took a bath yet and this shirt I'm wearing is what you wore last night. That's why you're shirtless right now."

Yea, what I said is true. He is shirtless while I'm so close to his body. That's why my spine right now is shrugging.

"You still smell good _______," he quickly kissed my neck and that tickled me. I giggled, looking like a flirt. Oh god.

"So, did you enjoy last night?" he then made me sit on the bed. My eye widened again. I was about to punch his arm when he grabbed my wrist.

"Next time, instead of slapping me or punching me, just kiss me straight into my lips if you mind me naughty." I gulped while he's staring at my lips. Oh damn he's making me make a sin.

"We didn't do anything last night Kim Donghyuk. I really thought you're cute and innocent. But your a dirty badass," I chuckled and glanced away.

"You just said what describes you. You are soooo naughty." I said while pinching his cheeks and poking his dimples.

Don't be lured by Donghyuk's cuteness. Beware.


Next chap: Yunhyeong!

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