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I just want to having my lunch but suddenly..

//Phones vibrates//

I open it and i received a messages from an unknown person in my kakaotalk account.

chimxx : Hey 😉

Who is this person?

I replied back..

bngtngirlxx : Hey but.. Who are you?

chimxx : Your secret admier 😉

What da hell??

I laughed

bngtngirlxx : Lol . I really mean it mr
unknown. Who are you actually?

chimxx : Im jemen

Jemen?? lol

bngntngirlxx : Where did you get my id?

chimxx : In your heart😉

bngtngirlxx : Tsk! Cliche!

His profile picture is just a picture of two little boy

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His profile picture is just a picture of two little boy. I think it is his childhood picture maybe. Lol , but i thought i will know who is he by just seeing his profile picture.

chimxx : Aww , so cute!

bngtngirlxx : Bwoh??

chimxx : aww , my hana is so cute :3

Omg!! How did he know my real name???!!

bngntngirlxx : Yah! How did you know my real name? Did i know you?

chimxx : Well , maybe you know me 😏😉

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