Chapter 25

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          I stare at him blankly and Xavier walks inside. I get up from the kneel down position I was with Noah and stand. Noah clutches the chocolate bar tighter in his hands and squeals as Xavier nears us.

"I am not shaling bubba." He says and runs away. Right Noah. Run right when I need you. Thanks bud.

"Good morning Sam." Xavier says and I return the greetings.

"Listen about yesterday,-" He begins and I cut him off. Here we go...

"No Xavier, I am sorry about yesterday. I acted weirdly and you were not even faulty. I don't even know why I behaved like that and,-" 

"No Samantha. I know exactly what happened." He says seriously and stands right in front of me. 

" I shouldn't have done what I did. When we were playing in the water, you looked so lively and beautiful, dancing and laughing and smiling. I had never seen you like that before and you took my breath away yesterday. That is when realization hit me. Its- its that I like you Samantha. I always have, from the day I saw on the streets from my car." He says and I gasp slightly. He did see me that day!

"Yeah I was in a hurry. I had to pick my mother and Noah from the airport and I didn't realize I was about to hit someone. Then, I just got a glimpse of you but I saw you again on the first day of school and that's when I knew that I had to know you." He says in all seriousness and I wait for him to laugh again. But he doesn't.

"Xavier, I-" I began but he silences me.

"No Samantha. I shouldn't have laughed and mocked you. But it was an act. I mean I didn't want to loose our friendship so I did that. But I see that made things worst. I don't care if you feel the same way. I just want us to be friends like before." He concludes, his eyes burning with genuineness. I don't know how to react and I just stand there. I never expected this kind of confession from him. He shrugs at me and then walks away with quick steps. He pauses at the door.

"Noah. Come on. Mom's calling for you." He booms and I see Noah trotting down from upstairs. I never noticed him going there.

"See you later Samantha." Xavier says as he leaves with Noah. I stand there dumbfounded.

"OOHHHH MMMYYY GGGAAAWWWWDDD!!!!!! I so told you that he is into you!!!" Any guesses who this is? Yep. Right guess. That's Bella.

Apparently my best friends decided to surprise me with  some lunch and so they bombed at my doorstep minutes after Noah and Xavier left. I was dazed and I can barely keep a word from them and which is why I told them everything. 

"Bella. Stop it okay?" I don't even know if he is speaking the truth.

"Oh come on. A guy literally confesses that he likes you and you say that he might not be serious. Which world are you living in?"  Bella glares at me as we three almost finish our meal.

"I-I don't know okay. Xavier is the kind of guy that can get any girl so why would he like me? I have a feeling he is messing with me."

"Carly, my dear smart at talks sister will you please explain this dumb here that Xavier really likes her." Bella says in a sweet angry voice.

"She is right Sam. Why are you so insecure about everything? Xavier literally said that he likes you and he might be with the popular guys in our school but we have never seen him flirting or hooking up with other girls right?" Carly explains and I sigh.

"That is exactly what scares me guys. Its like I am hearing the first description of Chase. He was exactly like this, wasn't he? I gave him my trust and my heart and he crushed it so badly, I can't get myself to do this again." I look at Bella and Carly, hoping they would understand.

"I understand Sam but you can't cry over that douche and not move on right." Bella speaks after some seconds.

" No Bells. I think I agree with Samantha. We barely know that guy and Chase was just like him in the beginning. Instead of rushing this, its better Samantha takes some more time, trying to see if Xavier is really trust worthy. Just because he is sweet on face and public doesn't mean he won't turn out a douche later." Carly says, voicing my thoughts in her own words.

"Fine. Why do you guys even talk to me? Because I have no amazingly soulful talks to offer." Bella huffs and we both smug smile at the drama  queen. We poke her in the ribs and she starts giving in. When she doesn't entirely budge, I play the ace card.

"Oh Carly remember when we met Alec in the school, the weekend after the movie he had gone with Bella.." I drift and Carly catches up while Bella's ears perk up.

"Yeah he couldn't stop talking about their date. And of course Bella."

"Yah exactly. But Bella is not talking to us so thank God we won't have to repeat all that." I high-five Carly as Bella turns to us, grinning sheepishly.

"Who said I am not talking to you guys? You two are my soul sisters so of course I can't really get mad at you right? I love you both." She says and we laugh on the inside.

"Oh really you aren't? Aww  Bells. We love you too." I hug her and walk to the living room.

" Yeah Bells. We love you too." Carly says and joins me.

"Wait- where are you going? What did Alec say about me?" She calls after us as we both reach the living room laughing.

"We don't know what you are talking about Bella." I say in a sing song voice and I can almost hear her huffing at us.

"Gotcha!" Carly shouts, teasing Bella. Suddenly, a pillow hits me on my back. I turn around quickly and another one hits me right in the face. Next I see a pillow smashing on Carly's head. We then see a smirking Bella standing a few foot away from us.

"Maybe you know now what I am talking about." She says and throws another pillow at us while we pick up the ones at our feet and have the best pillow fight I have ever had.

I don't realize when evening dawns and my best friends leave. I clean up the dishes and then call dad. He strictly instructs me not to come to the hospital and I pout sadly. I decide to study and set upon math. I solve  few sums from the exercises we did in the school but as the tough sums come up. I get stuck. I ponder for a lot of while, thinking of a way to solve the problem but find none. I finally decide on taking my genius neighbor's help. But instead of calling him. I tear the page on which I've written the sum and shoot it through my window. I don't see  Xavier in his room and decide to solve another one. Just as I am about to turn, I see him come out from the bath room. I quickly turn my chair away and dig into my books. I wait till exact three minutes after which a note drops in my room. I pick it up and read.

'Its a lengthy and bit confusing sum. Can you come over or I can come there.'

    I decide to go Xavier's place instead of calling him here. I signal him through the window, take my books and then pick up another small yellow colored car for Noah. I take my keys and then walk the short distance to Xavier's. I ring the bell and Della answers.

"Hey honey. Come in." She says and I greet her back, explaining why I am here.

"Oh that's great Samantha. You go up to his room. I'll fetch something for you guys to munch on." She says and hurries to her kitchen, before I can stop her. I climb the stairs and wait outside Xavier's door, calming my nerves. I knock slightly and he answers almost immediately.

"Come in Sammy." He calls from inside and I walk after a deep breath. Here goes nothing...

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