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You guys I have ALOT of ideas for this book you can tell by how long this chapter is, but anyways I'm going to try to update very frequently  😊 no promises though 😈.

The whole book might be omniscient it seems more professional but idk yet 😇

"Wake up Fat." Ajayy gently shook Addie to one of her many nick names. Her body stirred a little before she finally awoke.

She sat up pulling her arms from under her covers to wipe her eyes. "Buuuttt' daddy I still tired." She whined dragging her words. Her fluffy hair sat beautifully on top of her head.

"Buuuttt' Addie, daddy wants to have fun with you before mommy picks you up." Ajayy mimicked her voice, crossing his arms like she often did when she didn't get her way.

"I tired." She whined again laying back down onto her coils.

Ajayy began to fake cry regaining the attention of Addie. At first she was unbothered but his sobbing grew louder and she quickly became irritated.

"Otay daddy." She agitatedly threw he arms down. "I wake up."

"Yay." He cheered in a high pitched voice. "I already ran your bath water so you can get clean and we can go." He scooped her out of bed.

She resisted him forcing all her weight onto him so that he could release her.

"Daddy put me down." She whined striking his back and arms. "I a big girl I walk now." She pouted after folding her arms.

"I'm sorry big girl." He put her down." Daddy keeps forgetting you're a big girl."

He can't wrap his head around the fact that his daughter girl is almost five because he missed out on half of her life. After that night he kicked Lauren out they didn't speak for a whole two years.

He tried contacting her in many different ways but everything was a dead end. The only reason he was able to get back in touch with her was because of her father.

He happened to run into Landon at the gym. He and damn near begged Ajayy to help Lauren but he is still unaware of what her father meant by help her.

"Don't be sorry Daddy, be careful." She rolled her neck.

"What you say to me lil girl?" He scooped her back up. "I don't know what type of movies your momma been letting you watch but I don't like it." He tickled her belly.

"Daddy you let me watch movie not mommy." She pushed his head away. "Member the movie about Santa stealing from Craig ?" She referred to when Friday came on and Ajayy was too lazy to change the channel.

"Oh yeah, don't tell mommy." He placed his pointer finger in front of his mouth.

"I won't daddy." She said as he placed her in front of the tub. She put her fingers over her mouth.

"Ooohh bubbles." She pointed to the  colorful bubble bath that Ajayy made curtsy of Amazon as he removed her clothes.

" She pointed to the  colorful bubble bath that Ajayy made curtsy of Amazon as he removed her clothes

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