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10:15 AM

"It's raining outside!" I rasped out my body sore from all the training Harry and I had done over the past few days. It wasn't much but getting into shape with running but that was enough to evoke soreness in my legs.

"And I'm supposed to care about the princess getting her hair wet?" Harry mocked me lighting a fire again inside of me. Comments like this always made me think twice to show him wrong.

"Give me five minutes to get ready." I sighed rolling over to see his green eyes staring at me now. He truly was a beautiful human being but his personality and the way he treated others was appalling.

"Make it three." He told me walking out of the bedroom while I swung the covers off of my body. Feeling the cooler air outside my blankets, I stretched out only to retract and rub my arms to conduct heat.

Standing up I decided to be a little more risqué. I knew Harry didn't approve of me wearing only sports bras but he was making me go out in the rain. Slipping on a white Calvin Klein sports bra I smirked to myself knowing exactly what I was doing. Whether he showed it or not I knew that I had a little control over Harry when it came to my body.

I slid on a pair of matching grey boy-short panties and pulled on running shorts over those. Taming my blonde tangled hair I ran my fingers through my hair to brush it out before tying it up away from my face. Fastening the high pony with an elastic I had on my wrist I walked out ready to face Harry. Peeking around the corner to see him typing on the laptop sat on the island in the kitchen I walked out fully.

"Ready," I smirked taking a water bottle out of the fridge and waiting for him to lead me outside. I noticed Harry had a tiny bun towards the top of his head and a thin black headband to push his hair away from his face.

Looking up at me his eyes furrowed at my attire, his eyes glued to the way my bra fit around my chest perfectly. I liked to see Harry lessen control, the way his eyes melted on my body gave me a little of the control he lost.

"Not in that you're not." He shook his head standing up from his chair with a clenched jaw. His body was always tense, I wonder if he ever felt what it was like to be looser.

"You are making me train in the rain, I get to wear what I want." I crossed my arms over my chest and slanted my hip to the side. I watched his expression turn from annoyed to irritated.

Scoffing he says, "This isn't a democracy princess."

"You're not my father." I fired back at him wanting to get a reaction out of him. I had a newfound sense of sass today.

I knew I had gotten him with that response back since he recoiled with furrowed brows, earning a scoff from his lips. He turned away and headed towards the back door that leads out to the backyard. The sky was thick with grey clouds and sounds of thunder rumbling in the sky, I wasn't excited to be running out in the pouring rain but I wasn't going to protest about my dislike over the situation.

I followed Harry's lead when he went in for a nice jog speed and picked up from there. His legs were longer than mine and could take longer strides than me but I did my best to keep up with him. The rain pelted my face while I rushed past all the droplets falling from the thick clouds above us. I could feel the fabric of my bra cling to my skin, everything I was wearing was clinging close to my skin while the fabric became wetter. I picked up my speed doing my best to match Harry's even though this was proven to be difficult.

Coming to round a corner I lost my footing and rhythm and slid forward falling to the side and tumbling a little before I gained a little control over the slip. I grimaced at the way my bare skin grazed against the grass that was more of a mud puddle at this point. Taking both of my hands I stood up in embarrassment when Harry looked back at me with the tiniest smirk I had ever seen.

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