Chapter 1

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Well look at what the cat dragged in!!!! A new fucking book! That's what! I'm pretty excited! And I gotta say, I'm proud of you guys! There was more than just 3 fucking votes this time! The first time there was like 5 votes and then the second time there was 4!!! I guess that's more than 3. And that's what I wanted! So I can't be to mad there. And this is so cool that I'm actually starting my third book! This is really cool for me and I'm really excited to see what you guys have to say to this book! By the way this wasn't the winner because there was no winner . . . . . . it was a tie, but I decided to do this one, because it's already written, and won't take that long. And just a heads up, I don't know how often I will be able to update, since I'm going to be in school again soon in a little less than 2 weeks. But don't worry too much. Like I said a long time ago in my second book, I had to do an English project where I had to write a short story. However when I turned it in it was 17 chapters, and 89 pages long! Nowhere near everbody else's where there's were like 4 chapters, in 3 pages. And every time someone told me how long there's were, I was like "Bitch that ain't a book!!! This is a book!!!" and then I would whip my phone out and show them mine. I'm pretty sure my teacher hated me when I turned it in. But hey, I hit 2 birds with one stone. And besides, go big or go home! But I do have to edit it because my teacher would not have understood the anime part, like magic and all the other parts! So I made it special just for him! And now I'm going to edit it for you guys!!! You know, change information and all that good stuff. But I will definitely try to update whenever I can. And I hope you guys think this an awesome book! Any who, I will also be dedicating chapters to fellow writers, or followers, or readers, or commenters, or friends, or even multiple of these. I will not be dedicating this chapter to anybody, because this is an announcement. So vote or comment or follow or write for a chance to be dedicated to a chapter. Thanks! Love you guys! Enjoy the chapter!


POV: Nobody

The water was calm with gentle waves, and the only sound was the waves sloshing about as they bumped into the large ship. And the 'thudding' of the Captians wooden peg as he walked back and forth.

"You stupid little brats, do you really think you can get away with what you did?" The angry Captain raged at the four young men that were kneeled before him on their knees, with their hands and feet bound together.

"You're the one that left the ship unattended." Said the boy with onyx eyes and salmon hair. Also the most daring boy the small group.

"How dare you talk back to me?" The Captain demanded, as he backhanded the poor boy, almost knocking him over.

"You asked him a question, and he answered." The tallest young man with long black hair and red eyes, said.

"Yeah, you can't simply ask us a question and not expect us to answer. That would be very disrespectful of us." The boy with deep dark blue hair.

"I guess you could say that would be a dick move." Said the quietest boy of the bunch. The Captain glared at the boy with blue hair and dark chocolate eyes and a red tattoo under his right eye, while the rest of the boys smirked and laughed quietly to themselves.

"Enough! I've heard enough from all of you!" The captain screamed in his deep raspy voice. "Throw them overboard all ready!" Then four crewmen grabbed the teenagers and held them on the edge of the ship, while some other crewmen tied small boulders to their ankles with rope, and gags were placed in their mouths and tied tightly behind their heads. "Now!" Roared the Captain, and the boulders were thrown over the edge, dragging the four boys with them.

As soon as their bodies hit the water, they all started to struggle against the bindings. With no luck they sank all the way down to the seafloor, where they held onto what was left of their air supply.

Then all of a sudden there was a movement in the water around them. They all thought for sure that it was a shark coming to claim the lives of these unlucky boys. Then there was another movement in the water, but instead of the color of a sad day, the color of a shark, it was a flash of yellow. Then orange. Then a blue. Then lastly red. And slowly, one by one, the figures got closer to the boys. And at that moment they realized they weren't sharks, but mermaids.

The lovely creatures surrounded the four humans, watching them with wondering eyes, and the boys did the same. The blonde mermaid had a belt around her waist and it had a small pouch on one side. The small blue haired one had a bag that went over her shoulder. Then the mermaid with blonde hair, yellow tail, and matching bra, swam up to the boy with salmon hair, and studied him carefully. Then when she reached up to take the rag out of his mouth he flinched, and the lovely fish girl backed away a bit, from the sudden movement. He realized that she must not have been wanting to hurt him, and stayed still as she tried to remove it again. He looked at his friends to see that all the young mermaids were removing their gags as well.

Then all at once, at that exact moment, the boys all ran out of air. They all started to black out but before they could go completely unconscious, they were all allowed to breathe. They opened their eyes to see that the young maidens were kissing them in order to give them oxygen. The boys took it willingly, and once their lungs were satisfied, the girls undid the bindings holding them down.

Then the girls grabbed a hold of each boy and started to drag them in a direction away from where they were left to die. At first they resisted, but the girls were much stronger then they looked, and let the girls take them to where they wanted to take the boys. After awhile they started to run low on oxygen again and the boy with dark blue hair covered his mouth to keep himself from letting go of his air. The girl noticed and kissed him once again in order to give him air. The other mermaids notice that the boys looked as if they were struggling as well, and did the same thing.

The girls pulled away and continued swimming until they reached an underwater cave, where they swam deep into it and it grew dark within it quickly. Then suddenly there was a source of light. The small blue haired mermaid with the orange tail was holding the word 'light' and it glowed bright enough to light up multiple feet ahead of them. Then in the ceiling of the cave, after swimming for awhile, there was a very large opening. The girls swam up to meet it and pushed the boys up to the hole.

They erupted from the opening gasping for air and crawled up and out of the hole. After a moment of getting air back into their lungs, they turned back to the opening to see the girls there floating in the water. The boys sat down and stared at them in the water and were speechless, seeing a mermaid for the first time in their lives.

Then after a moment the girls dove under the water, and then quickly came back up and burst out of the water and their tails changed to legs and skirts with two slits in both sides, that matched their bras, in mid-air, and they all landed on their feet.

(This is what the full out fit looks like for all of them, just different colors

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(This is what the full out fit looks like for all of them, just different colors.)

The boys were astonished by what had just happened in what they thought was their last moments alive. The girls all held out their hands and offered them to the boys and they gladly accepted it. Standing up they were somewhat unable to look away from the magical beauties. But when they did and looked around, they were completely lost at where they were.

"Welcome humans," Said the blonde haired girl, as she walked to the opening of the cave where it opened up to an even bigger area. There they were on a cliff looking over a city with the walls far apart but got closer as they went up to the top with a very wide hole in the middle, "To the lost city of Magnolia!"

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