Chapter Five

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Chapter Five

The following night after Fiona and I had traveled a large distance, we stopped to make camp again. We walked with our horses deeper into the forest until we found a stream of water. As the horses drank, Fiona and I found a spot a few feet away and began to build a fire.

"What direction do ye think that we should head to Catrióna? We cannae just wander around aimlessly without a destination in mind. We need somewhere we can go to permanently get away from yer family. I will not come this far just to have them catch up to us and drag ye back taking me along with them." Fiona asked this seriously as she sat down with her back against a tree.

I stalked over to a tree close to where Fiona was resting and I also sat down with my backside leaning against the tree. I sighed heavily and rubbed my temples with the pads of my fingers trying to soothe a headache that had come to me so suddenly. 

"I ken, I ken Fiona. I was just focusing so hard on getting away from my family that I did nae even think about where to head other than just north," I tilted my head back and looked up at the twinkling stars through the canopy of branches hanging from the trees above us. Those damn stars had it so easy. All they had to worry about was shining bright when the sun went down and disappearing when the sun came back up. If only my life could be that easy. What I wouldn't give to be one of them.

"I ken that you were just wanting to get away Catrìona, but now that we have escaped we must decide where we are going exactly. We need a destination, we need a plan."

I looked over at my best friend through the light of the fire that was burning so brightly in front of us. She was looking at me with concern mixed with understanding in her eyes.

"Och aye Fiona," I sighed as I lay down on my side with my back to the fire. "We dae need to pick a destination and plan but it will have to wait for the morn. I am about to pass out and I fear if I try to make plans tonight they mayhap end up failing and so being the end to our escape attempt. And we donnae want that dae we Fiona?"

I heard Fiona sigh and then, "Aye Catrìona we donnae want that. I suppose we can wait for the morrow then."

I smiled sleepily, "Goodnight Fiona," I heard her mumbled reply vaguely through my drowsy haze. The last thing that registered with my nearly gone consciousness was that there may or may not have been a single figure slinking away through the trees, illuminated by the dwindling firelight. My exhausted mind told me I was just imagining things, I was delusional. After that thought all faded to black. 


A few hours after I had fallen asleep I was suddenly jerked awake when a rough hand grabbed my arm and yanked me to my feet. On instinct, I let out a surprised scream and immediately regretted letting whoever this was ken I was afraid. I calmed myself down and looked around for Fiona trying not to appear too desperate or frantic. It just would not do to appear as frightened as a cornered rabbit. The bright light of the moon revealed that she also had been pulled to her feet by one of these thieves and he was now pinning both of her arms tightly to her side. She wasn't doing too well at concealing her emotions and her eyes were wide, she was panting, and frantically trying to escape the arms of her captor. I took a deep breath, trying to calm my anger at her being treated that way. I continued to observe my surroundings and discovered that there was a total of five men surrounding us. Counting the two that had grabbed Fiona and I. Two of them were currently occupied; struggling to still Angus and Molly who were struggling against there captors with the need to come to our rescue. 

The last man, I observed as my gaze reached him, seemed to be the leader of the group. He was standing in front of the ashes that remained from our fire. He stood there observing the scene occurring before him with his hand on the hilt of a broadsword that was attached to his belt. He could be described as nothing but vicious. Vicious and evil.

He then focused his eyes were on me. And it was not in a kind or endearing way. His gaze started at my toes and slowly made its way up, studying the curve of my hips, then moving up my slim waist to my full breasts, and finally up my slender neck and up to my face. The lust in his eyes terrified me and left me with a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. It made me want to recoil into myself. I wanted to do what I could to escape the reach of his gaze. 

I refocused on his face just in time to see the end of a smirk leave his lips. When he finally spoke, my heart dropped into the pit of my stomach. "Weel, my my what have we here mah friends? This is quite a bonny pair. What say ye that we have a wee bit o fun with them?"

His companions all laughed and the two men that had finally managed to secure our horses to some trees several feet away began to crowd in closer. With every step closer they took, the clutch of panic around my airway tightened more and more. The man that was still holding Fiona took one of his hands off of her arm, brought it to grasp her breast, and he squeezed hard. Fiona immediately took her freed hand and slapped the man in the head.

This only served to ignite his temper however and he jerked Fiona around to face him and then he proceeded to backhand her across the face. Her head whipped the side and she gasped, partly from shock but she was also trying to take catch her breath. It was at this point that I began to panic. The leader that had been staring at me began to slink closer his eyes once again on my body. I looked around and saw nobody but the bandits. The only hope Fiona and I had of getting out of this safely was that with Fiona and I screaming, the men talking, and our horses making loud noises of protest, we had made quite a commotion. And perhaps there was someone close enough to us and they may have heard it and would soon come to our rescue. At least I hoped so. For my sake and also for Fiona's.

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