Chapter 1

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Hi, this is Madalia and GummBearJieJie! We are, yet again, collaberating on a story! Hope you like it! <3


I sat in the back row and yawned. Being a Sophmore in high school SUCKED. I began to flip through the pages of my History book wearily, as I hadn't gotten much sleep last night. That seemed to be the case for the past month and a half. Never enough sleep and I couldn't concentrate in class. I went from the student loved by every teacher, to that kid who was ignored, even when she raised her hand to answer every question. My eyelids began to droop, getting me a kick from underneath the table from my best friend, Aaliyah.

"Wake up!" She whispered to me, sounding slightly annoyed.

"But I'm so tired...and Mr. Stevenson's lectures are so boring...." I whispered back, falling asleep yet again. Aaliyah flicked my ear.

"Ouch!" I whisper-yelled, loud enough for the whole class to hear.

"Miss Celeste and Miss everything alright back there?" Mr. Stevenson asked. He was probably my favorite teacher. He was in his mid-20s with brown hair and chocolate brown eyes which he peered through from behind his wire glasses. Every hormonal girl in the class seemed to be in love with him. Thank God Aaliyah and I weren't one of them. Anyways, getting back to the point, he always seemed to be joking with us, even when he was scolding. And he never acted the way the other teachers did through the past month and a half of me being tired. He seemed as if he understood. About what? I did not know.

The whole class went into silent fits of laughter at his question, making us feel really out of place.

"Eh, um, yes, Mr. Stevenson." I said quickly, Aaliyah nodding fervently next to me. He turned back to the board and began scribbling down words which I was too tired to take notes on. I returned to my thoughts. Life sucked.


The bell rang and I grabbed my bag with all of my belongings, hurriedly leaving the classroom.

"Dude, what was that about?!" Aaliyah half asked, half yelled at me. I winced.

"I'm sorry I got us in trouble," I pouted, giving her the puppy-dog eyes."Forgive me?" I asked.

"First of all, that doesn't work. Second of all, yeah, I do. I just like yelling at you." She made an innocent looking face and I laughed.

"You're an evil alien." I said, turning my head to face her. All of the sudden I slammed into something, my glasses flying off.

"OWWW!!!! WHAT THE HE---" I looked up and saw Chase and his stupid friend, Daniel. Just my freaking luck. Chase and Daniel had been pegged as the mysterious bad-boy (which doesn't make sense, because if they were mysterious, how would they be known as bad-boys?) Seniors. They were both ladies' men because every girl who saw them fell in love due to them being "perfect." Yet again, thank GOD that wasn't Aaliyah and I. Both guys had just transferred to this school not too long ago and this was the first time I had met them.

"You should watch where you're walking." Chase said plainly to me. I stared at him for a moment, sensing that Aaliyah knew what was about to happen and was trying not to laugh her a** off.

"Uh huh...says the new guy who obviously doesn't know who I am."

"Nobody knows who you are, loser." His idiot friend stated, seeing my glasses on the ground and purposely stepping on them. OK, I know I wasn't the prettiest girl in school. No, I had hair that was the color between brown and blonde, which only found the time to shine under intense light. I always wore my hair in a ponytail  and my skin was clear for the most part, but I still had a few pimples. Then were the glasses. My mother had always said I had the prettiest blue eyes she had ever seen, but when I was young I had had to get glasses.