Chapter 1: The other side of the coin.

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A fogged sigh escaped Ink while he traveled through various  different AU's. He's practically seen them all but seeing as they grow twice as fast he can't exactly explore all of it. All the universes always looked to be exactly the same with only little hairs that make them different from each other. His eye did catch on something though, the Au was fantasy and seemed to be a small hub world so that the creature's in other universes nearby could meet up and travel. Ink slowly drifted towards the portal leading there before fully going in. There hasn't been a timeline like this since his creation, so this might prove new. 

It did, the place wasn't a bright place. He could barely recognize the 'welcome to Snowdin'  sign at the entrance of the town, it was covered almost completely in monster dust, the red paint barely visible. Ink shuttered, a grim expression growing on his face. He felt a small child like hand tug at the end of his scarf, worried whimpers coming from the smaller monster. "S-s-sir you really shouldn't be out here! He m-might get you!" At the voice Ink spun around to face the other catching them off guard, his scarf followed behind him. "Who's he?" Ink questioned. It was probably an Underfell Papyrus on a murderous rampage but he didn't want to point any fingers. The small voice came from a baby bones version of Swap sans, the sans' face seemed to be covered in tear tracks. The small blueberry glanced around to make sure they're alone ,grabbing Ink's hand the other quickly lead him to the ally way behind the closed Grillby's restaurant. A fire lit the back of the ally, two other sans' seemed to be there, the both of them tensing at the sight of Ink.

The two were from entirely different universes then this Au, One of them were an Underfell sans and the other was a Sans from Outertale."I-Ink!? what are you doing in a shitty cluster fuck like this,I thought people like you wouldn't give two shits about ghetto  places like this!" Underfell yelled a bit annoyed with the artist's presence. Ink's eye's narrowed at Fell, the other's language around the child had no filter which bothered him. "Language." was all Ink said, sitting down near the fire  so he could stay warm against the harsh snow storm, pulling his scarf up to cover his mouth. "What happened here? The dust.. what killed so many monsters?" The moment the question left Ink's mouth a sharp snap of a branch braking sounded mere yards away from them.

Fell screamed like a girl jumping behind Ink and shivering in terror while Outer did the same except he jumped in front of the kid holding the small one protectively. Ink just blinks, not fazed at all. He simply walks up to the source of the noise and stares at it as if it's a everyday item."Guys it's just a stick." He sighed scratching the back of his skull. Shouldn't this timeline be reset already by now? One of the constants for every timeline was that the main character always could reset the world, so... where are they? "I-INK BEHIND YOU!" Outer yelled seeing familiar blue strings wrap around Ink's throat and tighten. He inhaled a little bit of air, quickly pulling out the pair of scissors he always had on him, he tried to cut the strings but, they seem to be as strong as iron! Ink tensed at this, he kinda ran into a crossroad. Usually thread like this can literally be chewed by a mouse to split it however this type of string proved to look misleading. Gotta give the attacker props on that! Speaking of which, The other was sitting idly by on a high nearby branch grinning mildly at how Ink was finally reacting surprised,  off guard, defenseless...

It was the best chance for attack... 

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