Chapter 1: I'm Gay

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     He was going to do it. There he decided, sitting on a swing set in a children's park, legs lazily swinging back and forth, back and forth, in a steady rhythm. Crimson red hair ruffled in the slight summer breeze, similarly colored eyes staring out towards the trees and mountains beyond. 'It's not like I can keep it a secret forever.' Fukase decided. 'And I'm their child--their only child! They can't disown me, not a chance.' And so he hopped off the swing, jumped onto his bike, and pedaled home.
     Once he arrived, he parked his bike by the side of the house and walked inside.
     "MOM, DAD." The redhead yelled, plopping down onto the sofa. A light creaking sound emitted from it, then disappeared into the air.
"What is it?" His mother asked impatiently, stepping into the room. Okay, so what she never necessarily loved himーor even liked himーshe'd still never disown him!
"Make it quick, we're busy." His father added, crossing his arms. Maybe both of his parents hated him. But they still wouldn't disown him! That's illegal.... Right?
     "I'm gay." He blurted out, the words he just said not registering in his head until he was standing outside, backpack filled to the brim attached to his back.
     "And don't ever come back!" A slam echoed through the neighborhood as the door shut, and soon after a string of curse words could be heard from the house.
     "Oh. Well shit." He muttered, blinking a few times. This was all just a dream, right? Surely he was just sleeping, in a nice, warm bed in his own house....
     He needed a place to stay. Maybe his parents would get over it soon, maybe they just needed some time to think. Yeah, totally! He wasn't just completely abandoned by his family. Nope, not at all.
And so Fukase proceeded to walk down the sidewalk, whistling along to a song he'd heard from somewhere. He decided to stay with his best friend, Piko Utatane. His mom was cool, so she shouldn't mind him staying for a few days. Only until his parents calmed down and let him come homeーbecause they were going to let him come back...
     His eyebrows furrowed. His parents weren't exactly the joking type, and they were homophobic. They never really liked him at all, regarding him as a mistake and such.
     And that's when it hit him. He wasn't going back home.
     His hands fumbled for his phone, fingers tapping at the keyboard to message Piko. The connection had been cut off, meaning that his parents shut off his phone line. He stared at the screen, Failed connection glowing on the screen.
     "....Oh, fuck me," he sighed to himself, shoving the item in his back pocket. His casual walk became more of a jog, for the sun was beginning to fall behind the horizon, and Fukase may or may not have been afraid of the dark.
Once reaching the familiar door of his friend's, he knocked rapidly, panting from the exercise. He wasn't the most athletic person.
"Whatー" The door swung open, and as soon as the person inside saw Fukase, they grinned. "Oh, Fuka! Sorry, I was sleeping."
"Nah man, it's cool." The redhead nodded, smiling slightly. "But, Piko, I need a huge favor."
"Sure! What do you need?" Piko asked, cocking his head in a slightly curious way, sending Fukase a kind smile.
"I need to stay at your place for a few days, until I situate myself in an apartment or something."
"Fukase, you can't move out, you're 16. I know you wanna leave your parents, but can't you wait a few more years?" The albino sighed, pushing a strand of hair from differently colored eyes.
"I can't," Fukase said quietly, red eyes adverting towards the ground. "I got kicked out."
"Oh." The teenager shuffled in place for a moment, before moving aside. "Come on in, then. Mom isn't home right now, but I'll call her and explain stuff. She'll be find with you here, you're like the second son she never had!"
"Awesome! Thanks."
"Go unpack in my room, I'm gonna go call her." Piko instructed, going off into the hallway and towards his kitchen. Fukase made his was upstairs, taking a right and heading to the other male's room.
He settled himself down in the room, throwing his backpack in a corner and sitting on a chair near a desk. A small, leather book laid closed on the wooden surface, light from the lamp reflecting from the clean material. He assumed it was a journal and left it, yet the curiosity still ate at him. What did Piko have to write about? He always thought his friend had a less than eventful life, the only irregular thing happening is his father leaving him. And even that happened to a lot of people, so, to him, Piko just seemed like the average teenager.
And so he decided that reading the first page wouldn't hurt, so he carefully lifted the dark colored covering, peeking inside.
"I swear, I'm only writing in this because it was a gift from Pika. Honestly, I never even imagined I'd be the type to do this kind of thing.
Anyways, I suppose these things are made for letting things out that others can't know? Well, sure. I'll go for it.
About a week ago, Pika was kicked out. I hope she found Dad and is living peacefully. She said she'd write to me, but Mom has probably ripped up all of the letters she's sent.
I need to find a way to write to her without Mom finding out, because I wanna warn her to be ready for me to come in two years. I wish I knew her address--but I guess I'll just have to find out on my own.
I'm not planning on telling Mom my secret yet. I don't want to get kicked out. I'll have no where to go... Of course, there's always Fukase's house, but his parents are also homophobic...
Maybe one day I can move out with him. We could even lean on Pika for support, 'cause I heard she's doing really good without Mom in her life. I even heard she stopped cutting!
...That's really great."
Fukase quickly closed it, hearing the creaking of the staircase, and stood up. Who knew Piko had all these problemsーand he didn't even tell his own best friend! He would have been offended, but this is some serious shit. Maybe he'd have to read the next page another time...
     "Fuka!! She said you could stay for a week or so until you're ready to go out on your own." Piko called, stepping into the room. Only at that moment did he realize how sweet the slightly older sounded, how selfless and kindhearted he was despite everything. Fukase almost envied his ability to stay so cheerful.
     "That's great! I'll have to express my gratitude when she comes home." He grinned, sitting on Piko's bed.
     "Mmhm! Oh, we'll have to find a good area to sleep, though.." Piko placed a thin finger on his bottom lip. "For tonight we could throw a few blankets and pillows on the ground as substitute, then tomorrow we can go out and grab a futon! Sound good with you?"
     "Totally." He nodded in agreement. "Sounds great."

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