Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

Joshua tried avoiding me the rest of the day ("tried" being the key word.) Whenever we happened to be in the same room together, he would either turn around without a giving me a second glance or flash me a hurt expression and walk away. I hated it. I shouldn't have told him anything! If he's going to be a jerk about it then I'm done. My mood didn't lift. Both Garret and Barnaby (how the hell did he get my number so fast?!) called me, wondering what happened earlier and if they could talk to me. I didn't want to talk. To anyone. If I can't even talk to my boyfriend right now, why should I talk to anyone else?

Standing watch over the McGallen's supper, I avoided eye contact with Joshua. He sat silently in his seat, pushing his food around his plate. I caught him looking at me in my peripheral multiple times. He never addressed me. Suddenly, a maid came in carrying a stack of envelopes.

"Here's your mail, sir." she said, handing President McGallen the mail.

He nodded at her, mouth full of mashed potatoes. Swallowing, he spoke and took the small stack.

"Thank you, Mel."

She nodded and scurried out of the massive dining room like a mouse. the chandelier hanging above the table cast bright light all over the room. It was a beautiful fixture, I guess. I'm really not into chandeliers. All I know is that they're a light fixture. That's it. 

"Ember, there's a letter here for you."

I turned to face him, furrowing my eyebrows. A letter for me? That's strange. I never get letters (besides my cell phone and insurance bills) for anything. From anyone. He held the envelope out to me. I took it and read the return address. I gasped.

"It's from Boston University!" 

The McGallen's heads all turned to face me. My stomach swarmed with butterflies. After giving up on Stanford (I don't think I should be going anywhere near California for a while), I applied to Boston University. Boston College wasn't accepting applications (I handed mine in late  due to my...interesting summer) and when I tried to apply for Brown in Rhode Island, they said they were backed up as is. I fingered the corner of the envelops nervously.

"Well, open it already! We're dying to know!"

Ariana's voice cut through my nervous shock. Nodding numbly, I turned the envelope over and tore open the flap. Closing my eyes, I took a deep breath and opened the letter. I waited a minute before daring to read the text on the paper.

Boston University

1 Silber Way

Boston, Massachusetts 02215

August 26th

To: Miss Ember Rhinehart

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Washington DC, 20500

Dear Ms. Rhinehart,

On behalf of us here at Boston University, we are proud to inform you that you have been accepted to join our community of students from around the globe... 

I stopped reading and screamed, jumping up and down excitedly. 

"I got accepted! I got accepted! I GOT ACCEPTED TO BOSTON UNIVERSITY!" 

The McGallens laughed, cheering. President McGallen and Margaret got up, hugging me and congratulating me. Ariana whooped and cheered, taking out her iPhone and, no doubt, tweeting about it. Not a minute later, my phone beeped with the notification. I laughed, pulling out my phone and looking at the notification.

Watch out, Boston University! Here comes trouble! #friend #gotaccepted #bostonuniversity 

I laughed, hugging Ariana tightly. Over her shoulder, I saw Joshua smiling at me. I smiled back, walking over to him when Ariana finally released me. 

"Congratulations, sweetheart." he said, tossing his napkin over his plate of untouched food and opening his arms for a hug. 

I smiled. 

"Thanks, babe." I said, hugging him and going in for a small kiss.

He kissed me back. Preston intoned an ewwwwwww. Ariana laughed. President McGallen and Margaret sat back down. Skylar...well, I wasn't paying attention to him. Joshua pulled away, his eyes conveying a message.

Meet me later?

I nodded, smiling. He sat back down again as I crossed the room to return to my position by the door. A mix of emotions ran through me. I was excited and nervous and shocked. I can't believe it. I clutched the letter in my right hand.  I finally get to go to college. This is going to be a good year. 

(Chapter 4 is up! In reality, Boston University is my dream school. I want to go there so badly. I just want high school to be done for me. I've still go three years left. :( Anyway, hope you liked the chapter! Vote and comment! Bye-Bye for now!)  

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