(Bonus Chapter) His Smile Is Like...Like...Well Like..Forget About It, No Words

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A/N || So this chapter is dedicated to my friend @mads11142002 because I love her.

  Whenever Leo was gone on a quest, Malachkai Toleho was the counselor of the Hephaestus cabin. Whenever Piper was gone, a daughter of Aphrodite named Maddie Tollaehoe was the counselor of the Aphrodite cabin. The breakfast horn blared to alert the campers it was time to eat breakfast. The two temporary counselors lead their cabins to the dining pavilion.

  Maddie's POV

  I hope Malachkai decides to do the announcements at breakfast today...

  I just love his voice, his smile, his eyes, his everything. He's just so...


  And it's a marvel that he isn't a son of Aphrodite, but I mean then again I'm pretty happy because of that, because if he was, it would be really awkward if I fell in love with my excruciatingly hot brother. Gladly he's the sexy son of Hephaestus. Malachkai hasn't done much to be recognized in the camp. Except for being one of the tallest, smartest, strongest, and hottest demigods ever. Next to Percy Jackson, his brother Leo Valdez, and apparently Annabeth Chase. Though I never necessarily liked the children of Athena.

  It's not like I didn't know him. We were mutual friends. I had met him when Leo wasn't here last summer. My brother, Gabriel, had cracked his mirror. And he demanded that Malachkai fix it immediately. He, quote unquote, said that "It is emotionally distressing that I cannot see my beautiful self" which defines the typical Aphrodite stereotype. I went to fetch him from the Hephaestus cabin and lucky me, he opened the door..without a shirt on.

  His grease and sweat coated abs just..made me lose focus. I forgot what I went there for. The sweat soaked platinum blonde hair..still in its beautiful spiked array, it dripped with his holy water sweat. His blue eyes shivered with exhaustion but always with its calm sexy mysterious demeanor. He flashed a grin, which whipped me off guard again and he asked me what was up. In a very deep mature tone. I could feel the vibrations of his voice along my body..I told him about my brother's immature crisis, and his chuckling only turned me on more.

  Ever since then, me and him were really awkward but still good friends. I loved it when Dionysus mixed my last name with Malachkai's. Just like every other girl in camp, I dreamed to have the honor of marrying the sex god Malachkai...hey, that's pretty good! Malachkai Toleho, the Greek God of Sex. Perfect..

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