The Dark Enchantress Series "R" Rated Scenes

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This is Chapter 27 part 2 of Uncontrollable Urges, so if you hadn’t read the story, you probably won’t exactly know who these characters are. Lol!

Anyways, this is rate R – it is the sex scene from Uncontrollable Urges, so any younger readers who may be offended, Don’t Read this. This is my warning. Lol!

Okay, so for all my U.U readers who have been begging me for this, here you go!!

I tried EXTREMELY hard with this chapter but honestly, it was HARD to write. Trying to write a sex scene without going over the edge from Hot, Sexy and Passionate to dirty and disgusting can be really hard to do. I really tried my best, hopefully you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it!! (Honestly, this was the LONGEST sex scene I’ve ever written.)


Chapter twenty-Seven (Part 2):

          He was mine, I thought possessively, and tonight I was going to have all of him.

          Crimson grabbed my wrists and pulled them above my head with one of his hands. As he lowered his mouth to my neck, I could feel his warm breath slowly exhaling against my skin. A thrilling shiver ran up my spine causing my body to arch upwards. Sexual need blazed through every inch of my body as I tried desperately to pull myself closer to him.  

          He continued to tease me with his lips. I could feel them barely grazing my collar bone before he would pull away and go down an inch, repeating the same process. My arms struggled to get free from his tight hold above my head. My blinding desire to press my hands against his smooth chest overpowered my senses and evoked a tingling sensation in my lower abdominal.

          Crimson then placed his leg between both of mine, before slowly grinding his thigh against my nether regions. A gasp escaped my lips before he looked at me with his flushed face filled with satisfaction. I slightly bit down on my bottom lip, trying desperately to hold in the all-consuming hunger that was stirring within me.

          Crimson’s eyes lowered to my lips and his jaw clenched in uncontrollable desire. A low carnal sound rumbled deep in his throat as he lowered his body down on top of mine. I could feel the rock-hardness of his man hood press against my abdominal causing my breath to hitch. I raised my head up toward him just seconds before his lips crashed down on mine violently. Our lips worked together in perfect accordance.

          His hand slid down my arm with light and smooth stokes that caused my lips to part breathlessly. Crimson took it as his chance to invade my mouth with his tongue. The sweet, tangy taste of his mouth enveloped around my taste buds causing me to suck lightly on his tongue in a desperate attempt to savor it.

          Finally he released the hold on my wrists and my hands instantly grasped onto his muscular back feeling the hard ridged lines beneath my fingers. I silently thanked the Gods that Crimson hadn’t bothered putting a shirt on since leaving the recreational room. But the thought instantly disappeared and my nails sunk into his back when he gently nibbled on my lower lip.

          Crimson raised his body up while his rough hands slowly ran down the sides of my body before moving toward the bottom edge of my sports bra. I inhaled a large breath of air when he pulled it up over my head exposing my breasts to him. His piercing red eyes shone with erotic yearning as he took a long minute to roam every inch of the top naked half of my body with his wild gaze.  

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