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"It's weird being on the ground after 97 years," Delia said breathing in the fresh air.

"I know it feels...amazing." I said feeling the soil. We then heard cheering, loud cheering. We walked to where everyone was crowded around the fire. We shoved our way through the people to get to the front. That boy that was arguing with my brother was holding up a wristband. The wristband that all of us keep on our wrist. The boy then threw the bracelet into the fire. They were taking them off. 

"Who's next?!" Bellamy then yelled.

"What the hell are you doing?" Wells said to Bellamy. Bellamy looked at him then stopped a guy who was about to attack Wells. 

"We are liberating ourselves, what does it look like?" he asked. 

"It looks like your trying to get us all killed," Bellamy looked away licking his lips, "The communication system is dead, these wristbands are all we've got, take them off and the ark will think we're dying. That is not safe for them to follow," Wells continued. Bellamy then spoke. 

"That's the point, Chancellor, we can take care of ourselves. Can we?" he yelled and everyone cheered. 

"You think this is a game? Those aren't just our friends and our parents up there, there are farmers, doctors, engineers. I don't care what he tells you, we won't survive here on our own. And besides if it really is safe, how could you not want the rest of our people to come down?" Wells said obviously making a good point. Bellamy looked like he was hiding something. 

"My people are all ready down, those people locked my people up. Those people killed my mother for the crime of having a second child. Your father did that," Bellamy said taking steps closer to Wells.

"My father didn't write the laws," 

"No he enforced them, but not anymore, not here. Here there are no laws. Here we do what ever the hell we want, whenever the hell we want. Now you don't have to like it Wells, you can even try to stop it, change it, kill me. You know why?" Bellamy said. Wells just stared at him. 

"Whatever the hell we want," He stated. I stepped up. 

"Look you can't just do whatever the hell you want, whenever the hell you want," I said interrupting him. Bellamy took a step towards me. 

"Oh really? Watch me princess," he said staring me straight in the eyes smirking.

"Whatever the hell want!" the boy that threw the wristband in the fire yelled. I rolled my eyes as  everyone started to chant it. I felt water drops hit my nose. I looked up and it started to rain. Bellamy smiled at me as water dripped down his face. 

"We need to collect this," I said to Bellamy pointing the the rain. He smirked again. 

"Whatever the hell you want, princess." Bellamy said. I rolled my eyes again and grabbed Delia's arm, dragging her through the crowd of people cheering and hugging. 

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